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Scent of Daffodils

another one from the series. This one was done for .PSD Photoshop mag (polish edition) and will be published there, with a tutorial, in April. I think.

anyway, this was a nice skin practice. No refs used for it, which I'm pretty happy about. I took the colours from the background and had fun with them on the face. Yup.

Photoshop CS2, mostly basic brushes.
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jackieofsuburbia's avatar
oh my god, this one is shocking. it seems the alter-ego of mine that I have always imaginated
Reilune's avatar
Absolutely beautiful, so refreshing, reminds me of springtime. :heart:
EnlightenedMadness's avatar
I like this one because it's looking very convincing, where "realism" is concerned.
Living-Magikally's avatar
Absolutely Gorgeous. This piece has left me speechless. ~M
ElvLuna's avatar
So beautiful! This woman really fits to the flowers. I love this look in her eyes. :love:
UnorthodoxStories's avatar
I find myself lost in this one, my face falling closer an closer to the screen.
tomeksz's avatar
the skin looks quite good actualy, but there is no shade underneath the hair on forehead which looks weird
vinegar's avatar
no cóż. a w Twoim wypadku warto popracować nieco nad anatomią, proporcjami i wykończeniem prac, skoro chcesz rysować na zlecenia i prezentujesz te, a nie inne rzeczy jako portfolio. Każdy ma jakieś wady lub bardziej i mniej dopracowane prace :) Dzięki za komentarze :)
tomeksz's avatar
no problem, z dokańczaniem prac to mam ciężko, nigdy mi się nie chce za dużo siedzieć i rysować jedno i to samo, wolę zacząć coś nowego, co możliwe, że skończę ;P
it's really wonderful her clothes skin eyes everthing is very nicely done
Ikanu96's avatar
Jej~! To to czego nie kupiłam! Bardzo ładnie rysujesz, a na w CG jesteś świetna!
Montalve's avatar
quite beautiful
SandyLynx's avatar
    Bardzo ładne ; ) Idealnie pasowało na na okładkę .PSD :aww:
d-vega's avatar
Definitely, my favourite lady! i felt in love with her! :heart: hehehe

Oh, she's the only one that does not wear a corset? :)

Her blonde/white hair is so cool ;w; and together with her skin tone and her yellow eyes makes this lady a very charming one <3 also, she's like a truly daffodil <3

Congratulations, Gracjana! very nice series! and hope you will continue it someday! with something like...erm..scent of cactus? scent of mandrakes .w. ...geez, i'm a fraud giving ideas! ;P
I love her eyes. The way the kinda glow and the slight contrast between her hair and pale skin. She also has a rather noble face. all in all, I love it, nice work. ^_^
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Amazing... *___* And her eyes are beautiful! :heart:
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I've featured this creation in the March Visual Art Features.

This feature is in the news : [link] .
Please check it to view other's art and fave the news article if you like it!

:kiss: Kare.

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Ohhh, I love the eyes.
TalliePascoe's avatar
I love the themed series you produce. They are always so intriguing and the fact that they are series just makes you want to see more in gleeful knowledge that more will come!
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night-lock's avatar
love the shirt and the way you brought out the satin-y feel :D
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