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Maman Brigitte

By vinegar
Another art challenge by :icondaekazu:, :iconmidnighttea7:, :iconvinegar:
For each challenge we interchangeably give ourselves an idea or topic to illustrate and a short, specified time to execute it in whatever shape or form... of course, without knowing what the others are going to come up with.

This week's topic is vinegar's idea: Maman Brigitte. She is a death loa, the wife of Baron Samedi. For more info check wiki:…


EDIT (11.2012) - finally done! You can see the previous version + sketch on my blog, here: + bonus close up is in the gallery.

Mine is a WIP, still very much unfinished. I used some references, especially for the rooster (which was nightmare to get right) and some of mizzd-stock, although not one photo. She has some great shots of folded materials and hands, so I looked those up as general guidelines. Concepts of outfit, her face and background are, as usual, mine.

Anyway, she's often associated with drinking rum, chilli peppers, colour purple, a scarf and a (bloody) rooster. Or hen. Depending on what I read. Also glasses with usually one of lens missing.

She's also the only fair-skinned loa, often said to have red hair. I thought it'll be more interesting to put her in a southern setting than on a cemetery, even if that doesn't really go 100% in tact with her story. But well.

Oh, she apparently borrowed baron Samedi's hat.

A bigger version is coming up when I'm done with it.

daekazu's version:
Maman Brigitte by daekazu

MidnightTea7's version:
Maman Brigitte by MidnightTea7

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Great colors! It is lika a scrumdiddlyumptious cake! Have your cake and eat it too 
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Awesome!! I added it to my faves :heart:
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It really nice, bravo!
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This is F**** awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG .. speechless ..!
what crazy program you use ??
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Wow... Just wow...
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Maman Brigitte est superbe.
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I love how you've combined dark gothic with colourful whimsy in this image. Gorgeous style!
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(I hope nobody takes this as like, an insult, or anything)
This kind of makes me think of a female version of
The Mad-Hatter from Alice in Wonderland (2010).
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I think so too. But it is a job well done!
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Oh yeah, definitely! :)
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Thanks! Very much! <3
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Simply wonderful...:heart:...!!!
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The amount of detail and texture in this is unbelievable! Well done!!
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Amazing, very creative XD
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absolutely incredible!!
Been doing some ritual work with this Lwa and finding this image was uncanny...she looks very much like me.
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