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Bite me.
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Published: August 4, 2008
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a new version of Bite Me [link] which has been stolen and altered more times than I can count :/

anyway, I felt the old one didn't really show skills I have now and mood I aimed for. Or I just wanted to paint Simone from my Bad Habit again and looked for the lame excuse to use this title again ;)

pencil sketch, additional colours and textures in PS CS2.

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Still love this one... inspired a story of a vampire character. ^,.,^
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why do i relate to this?
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Ah, classic material, this.
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Hmmm... I like this one better then the new version :)
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Love that smokey luring snake.
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Dragonfire211|Hobbyist General Artist
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FelisLupus|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Beautiful girl <3
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Girl: do you even want to be with me
Boy: no
Girl: do you even like me?
Boy: no
Girl: would you cry if I walked away
Boy: no
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Boy: you're not pretty...... You're
Boy: i don't want to be with you
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Boy: i wouldn't cry if you walked away......
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that night I took a knife from his kitchen
and stabbed him to death. You don't
wanna be Jake do you? A girl named Sandra
posted it to only 10 pictures SILLY GIRL
SHE'S ONLY 11 BUT OH WELL. That day she
saw me and ran to her grandma's house...
She asked her could she use her bathroom
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and paste this to ten comments in the
next ten minutes u will have the best day
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in 53 mins someone will say i love you or
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Results- your crush will say they like you
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11 mins
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sakpalamey|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This was a great short story but then I started reading the rest and I was like, I'm gonna die in ten minutes!
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awsomness123|Hobbyist General Artist
Two chainmails in one! Great job!
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Love the attitude, and the textures are very good.
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tsuyameki|Professional Artist
This has been stolen so many times :c
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One day a life size canvas will hang on a wall for me to loose myself in. Just one day... Big Hero 6 Baymax (There There) 
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zyvirus|Student Photographer
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UNISPIRICAL|Professional General Artist
WOW!! this is really good.  Bite me is always on my mind haha!!!  You captured the thought very close to real life in your art.  Great job Heart Pink Hearts - Free to use 
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Wow!! Both are super super good, but actually I kinda like this one best :) You are so talented!
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Geez, you improved sooo much ! I wanna be able of improving too.
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She somewhat looked like Miko from TFP
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WolverinePanda|Student General Artist
0_____0 *looks in mirror then back at epic drawing* The purple the same place my purple is D: hair length longer though. 

I love your style, form a cartoonist perspective it's lovely, I'd buy a graphic novel with this level of drawing technique. I feel biased if I say I love this character already, I've had black and purple hair for 8 years now and I have light ice blue eyes with the same style so I can't comment on the character since I feel so biased to like her =P  

o___o stolen? I can see why, I checked it out it is very good. I'm not saying it is right what the people have done (it is not), I'm more saying you have great skill and a good eye for compositions that grab peoples attentions as well as your attention to detail is phenomenal. You have gotten a new watcher out of me! <___< wow, such a creepy thing to say...  
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eddiket|Student Artist
Noice !!! very noice !!
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Awesomely sexy. Just the right mix of realism and comic. Love her!
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