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Creation realm

By Vindrea
Environment concept for an online multiplayer game 'Ancient Beast'
website [link]

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Aaaaaw i just wanna live in a place like thiiiiis T.T

The atmosphere is just awesome, sharing a felling of harmony, it's really cool x)

congrats :D
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CzechBlueBear's avatar
Beautiful; the atmosphere and lights are really something special. Thank you for sharing it.
ang3ll's avatar
(It seems like the trees are stretching their feet / roots and will walk anytime o.o lovely atmosphere)
FrozenPlanet's avatar
Wonderful scenery. I like the little creatur under the tree, it makes the trees even more impressive.
RadosBadger's avatar
I know you get it al lot, but your pictures and most especially your sceneries are just magical. Most often they are also completely deserted, but I am glad I found an exception amoung them... It´s satisfying in only a minor way as I can now ponder over the reality of a world of huge flora, but in terms of the mentioned magic, it makes it pure magic. Marvelous!
ceylinn-art's avatar
I think it's beautiful, I like this landscape and colors :D
(Sorry, I don't speak very well english)
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karanua's avatar
Either that is some sort of faerie guy in the forground or the guy at the rear of the scene is truly huge. Excellent work all the same :)
kxeron's avatar
Wow, labai gražu - neina atsižiūrėti dėl to šešėlių ir šviesos žaidimo... Beje, jei ne tas mažas žmogutis... ne nebūčiau pagalvojus, jog tie medžiai tokie dideli :O
Vindrea's avatar
jo, isties sunku buvo cia pagaut ta dydi medziu, tad teko iterpt ta zmogena sone :D na bet gerai tiek, kad ziurovas atranda ji ir nustemba kad tie medziai dideli, vis staigmena kazkokia ;D aciu labai :hug:
kxeron's avatar
Haha, nėra už ką :D
Bajazzo's avatar
...sooo beautiful....I like the colors and that mystic mood :thumbsup:
TRGamer8's avatar
Awesome, you're soo talented, great job =D=)
Hazel23's avatar
This has been featured in my journal: [link]
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sturmfeuer's avatar
wow, those gigantic tree are very impressive. When I look at them I am waiting for one of them to move O_O.
I like the shades of blue and green.
Vindrea's avatar
thank you very much :cuddle:
DarkType's avatar
Beautiful work! The lighting is gorgeous
Kestlovas's avatar
hehe man primena LOTR, kai jie keliavo per prakeikta miska :) Hm, atrodo ne is trilogijos, o is Bilbo klajoniu tas epizodas
Vindrea's avatar
aha, turi kazkokiu panasumu :nod: bet cia ne taip gerai atrodo kaip ten.. ^^; aciu :hug:
Selenada's avatar
WOW you getting better and better O.O
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