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The movement of these branches are amazing, absolutely stunning work
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I really like your work. I am starting a story blog and I am looking for artists to collaborate with. I have information posted on my website.…
I would love to be able to use some of your work as illustrations for my stories. Let me know if we can work something out.

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hey! Thanks for the link but I'm not really interested. Good luck with the story :)
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Thanks, you are always welcome to drop on in and check us out. The discussion forum has a topic Artist's Grove for artists to meet and encourage each other. Always glad to just chat.

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I'll definitely keep that in mind then :nod: 
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awesome atmosphere, and I love the ancient knobbly feeling of the branches. You have some lovely work
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Maaan, I want to walk there. Looks so cool!
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Wow Indre. That's some crazy solid work. 
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Glad to see some of your stuff again! Great piece as always.
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Hi Indre! Nice work, I have recently started to study some painting again, feeling really excited to start improving, havent seen your art in awhile,nice wotk on this one, the depth works great and you really nailes the atmospheric perspective. If its something i would change its the branch closest to the "camera" (upper right) it creates a "stop" in the image ,try to imagine how it would go if it was going straight out, that way it will increase the  one point perspective of the imiage and give it some more speed. Also dont bee afraid to blend in some reds or browns in the green to prevent the "green problem" I would also put a female character with red hair in the foreground walking in. I absolutely LOVE the shape of the left three! So robust and and awsome!
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Hey Jimmy, thanks a bunch for your input! I'll try to apply your tips and see how it looks. Not sure about a red haired woman though :D do you plan to upload new paintings maybe? I miss your concepts
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Yeah the character might stiffen up the image aswell since she will be in the middle. They are comming trust me ;) working on my new homepage as soon as that is done more stuff will be up.
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Gorgeous textures and stunning atmospheric perspective. Beautiful!
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I tried drawing recently, and there is one thing i can't understand. How the actual fuck you people can draw like this?
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I love the lighting! Usually the tress in the background would be darker than the ones in the foreground; but I really like where the light is coming from. It makes you feel like you're crawling up the middle branch. Awesome! 
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love the mood you've achieved.
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(whispers) spirit vines
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Noris vėl pasikart <3
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