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We accept ALL MLP art.
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Many of you have probably already seen :iconlopoddity:'s journal:
  Cringey Pony OC Challengefigured my last status would work better as a journal SO
I've got a little challenge for all my artists that love making MLP OCs~
if you want to, i'd sure appreciate if ya'll would design the "cringiest", most "mary-sue/gary stu" pony your brain can concoct, and submit your design to this journal in a comment. I'd like to do a piece about how cringe culture restricts our freedom as makers and consumers of content, so I'll be picking one of your "cringe" designs and drawing it! I'd like to make clear that this is not meant to be mean-spirited, your mock OC will be drawn respectfully, and hopefully be used to get those haters of "cringe-y OCs" to question why they feel the need to mock other people's harmless interests.
You can go however nuts you want. Break every OC-designing rule, design however you goddamn want. Wanna show me a rainbow-haired alicorn with jewel eyes and two sets of wings? Go for it! Make a black and red overpowered dark lord that cries ink black tears.
 leading up to this picture who I recommend you all read the description of:  It's About Having Fun~ by Lopoddity

This journal was made to challenge people to draw/show their own characters that could be considered cringey in a way, and to bring to light how unecessary and damaging the cringe culture can be. Everyone should feel allowed to draw whatever they want without having to feel judged or fear that it will be accused of being cringey. 

I haven't had any of my art called cringeworthy online, but I'm constantly feeling this overhanging fear of showing my art to people in real life because of what I draw. I draw ponies. Colorful cartoon horses in probably way more complicated and 'mature' stories and scenarios than they would ever show in the actual kids show. Why? Because I like it and thinks it's fun. So why does it feel so dangerous to admit to people?

I am terribly afraid of being judged by others so whenever my art is brought up with people I dont know I always play it off as a dumb hobby of mine and that I know how to draw "real" stuff too before I even show them anything. Maybe I'm talking down about myself before they do? Maybe it's to show they don't have power over me by telling me i'm childish because I already know that I am? Probably. 

It's a anxiety filled roller coaster that always leave me surprised when people out in 'the real world' like my stuff. 

Putting it in text like this really makes me realise that it's just destructive towards myself to assume that everyone is going to dissapprove of my drawings before I've even shown them. I'm not looking for people to tell me I'm great and cheer me on so please don't (even though that is very kind of you) I just want to share and better understand myself by sorta rambling/venting.

Me limiting myself don't really stop there though as I have found that there are certain things I'm actively avoiding when drawing. Lop's journal made me realize that there are things I would like to draw but don't in fear of being called wierd since I haven't seen much other art on the subject. Body types are one of them. I have actively been avoiding doing certain body types such as plus-sized characters for fear of people pointing out they are wierd or made as  some sort of fetish-fuel.  

I also have some limiting issues with markings and the fact that I avoid appaloosas and dots as much as possible for some reason. 

So here we come to the point of this whole post. I particapated in the challenge to make a "cringy" design for me based on things I would never normally do and I feel... liberated

Cringe? by Vindhov

In all honesty, I love her.
I will keep pushing myself to do more of what I really want and not worry so much. Take pride in my colorful horses and stop belittling myself for the art I love drawing.

We should all stop worrying and just have more fun. Loosen up a bit and do what we want. 

EDIT: you know what I'm feeling empowered. I am going to share my gallery with some people who doesn't know what I draw and just show them my sparkly rainbow colored horses. 


Vindhov's Profile Picture
Sara von Vind
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi there.
My name is Sara and this right here is my gallery.

I like to see myself as an illustrator and storyteller, not a great one but I try. As of right now my head is stuck on MLP nextgens but I occasionally do other stuff as well, such as SU, Undertale and original works.

I also enjoy sculpting and sewing.
One of my goals is to get fairly decent at sewing plushies and clothes.

I am a huge game nerd and when I'm not drawing or working on something else I will most likely play computer games.


This is the only moment I will share fullbody pictures of myself or agree to having my picture taken/look at pictures of myself.

This is literally the first dress ive ever made, even made the pattern myself and im a lil proud. 

20180728 195424 by Vindhov   20180728 195427 by Vindhov

The wig unfortunately got ruined so had to use my own hair but overall i still like it
It is so hot! I am dying! Send help! 
Don't mind me, just my brain needing to get pony ships out of it's system. 

Big boys by VindhovIf left unchecked it might become a problem... or already is a problem, who can honestly tell at this point. 

Let's play "who's that unicorn"! Hint: it's a canon character that normally doesn't look that way. 
Hey guys. Haven't had any inspiration to draw for a while but seeing Lop's new style test stuff sparked some interest in me again and I decided to doodle some colorful horses again: 

Big boys by Vindhov
Just trying out some slight differences in ponies with similar build. Trouble is big but not quite as muscly or hairy as Rockhoof
Detroit: become human

...this game...

...this game does things to me.

This is everything I love all rolled up in one.

Dystopian society
Interesting/likeable characters
Engaging world and story
Ethical morality
Fun character interactions (looking at you Hank and Conner)

Im honestly considering buying a PS4 just so I can play this one game

Anyone here attending NärCon? Im gonna drift around in a dinosaur suit and Bill Cipher cosplay! 

194 deviants said No, dont even know what it is (dont blame ya swedens pretty small)
59 deviants said No :(
24 deviants said Yes! (Omg im not alone!)


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