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This is a concept art & book cover for my future manga "Dreadnought". Done with SAI and photoshop, all from imagination, which took me tens of hours.

I have thought about making manga for a long time, but now I'm getting serious and started drawing the first chapter. The story is based on a fictional industrial world at the dawn of the paranormal technology.

Dreadnoughts were the name of those gigantic battle-airships powered by the anti gravity techs, as opposite to the historical name sakes.

Later, I will also make a data book of different kinds of airship in the story, basically the capital ships and small supporting ones.
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Wow you sure know how to make an aero-dread ^^. If you ever have time i'd love to see what you think about some of mine. Thanks and keep up the good work its really inspiring :)
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Almost looks like the Yamato.
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Very cool, liking the shadow and cloud effect. Kind of pseudo-industrial age/steampunkish. Except, sucks for that fleet if the enemy fleet is below them! :XD:

What I mean, is that they've got a major blind spot. Even with radar or similar tech, they don't have any way of seeing below their hull and no weaponary. Just a technicality that stuck out at me. Otherwise good imagination and you're a talented artist. I suppose I can see these air ships being able to land in water and operate like a normal seafaring ship, if necessary, so holds validity in that way.
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Very good piont!~When I finished the design I was thinking the problem too...Maybe this can make the battle plot more dramatic? Though adding some bomb-doors and give it some kinds of anti-ship or bombing abilities seems practical.

Btw, U got it. It does land in water in some scene, when not in war conditions or just operated like a normal warship. Brilliant reply~!
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i never was a fan of anti grav tech, manipulation of gravity is not something i agree with in sci fi, makes things too easy, but for this i'll put that aside, as its such an awsome design!
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"Paranormal Technology" sounds good!!
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Well, I have to say you have a reader in me!
Steampunk'd airships are kinda my thing and these look brilliant.
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Aww, come on guys, think about the planet and all this stuff !


It's really amazing
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That is damn impressive! Inspired by Laputa - Castle in the Sky?
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Castle in the Sky is one of my favs, and it did inspired me a lot. Moreover, I'm a big fun of military & history & Sci-Fi, the warships from late 19th to early 20th century also give me inspirations^_^
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Ooooh! I like yer attitude - and this is good stuff!!! :D

All well drawn, highly detailed!!
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Incredible work - great use of color and aspect!
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This is really cool!
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Wow, this is awesome, I love all the different textures you've portrayed in the image and the choice of colour. It makes the airship look very dramatic and forbidding. :D
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Oh gosh, this looks like it took a lot of effort
It's awesome, so impressive ;v;
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At first I thought "nah" but your description intruiges me.
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Really masterful, great feeling, wonderful composition!
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