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Hey, guys! Sorry it took me this long to write back on the winter contest! Because we only received one submission, we're going to extend the deadline for the winter contest! Here are the rules and such!


Contest Medium:
THIS IS A WINTER CONTEST!! This is a first, because it's an ALL ARTS medium! This contest is unique, because you'll be competing against all different types of works: cosplay, fanfiction, fanart, comics/manga, pixel art, icons, stamps, banners, videos, animations, games, wallpapers, dolls, figurines, photomanipulation, etc.! This is an open art medium, but please remember to read the theme and rules below.

Theme: (three options to choose from)
1) Vincent Valentine+Yuffie Kisaragi fighting/playing in the snow!
2) Only Vincent Valentine fighting/playing in the snow!
3) Only Yuffie Kisaragi fighting/playing in the snow!

1) Follow the theme, which must include Vincent Valentine and or Yuffie Kisaragi in it!
2) You can collaborate with other members of the club, but you have to share the contest prize if you do that!
3) Fanfiction pages can range anywhere from 1-5 pages (please make sure you check your grammar).
4) You can submit as many contest entries as you like!
5) Make sure your entry is in by the deadline.
6) Only members can enter into the contest!
7) You can't use work you've already made! The work has to be made for this contest.
8) Cosplayers may wear outfits they've already made, but may not use photos they've already taken.
9) If you do photomanipulation, you must have permission from the owner of the photo being manipulated.
10) No other characters may be shown in the contest entry, only Vincent Valentine and or Yuffie Kisaragi can be in it.
11) You can make your own doll, but you don't have to. If you submit a photo of a doll or figurine, the photo must be taken for this contest. You cannot use an old photo you've already taken.
12) The club is not accepting AMV's. You may submit any other type of video (cosplay, doll, figurines, animation, etc.)

You will be judged by quality, style, and if you followed the theme and rules! Founders, Contributors, or Members will be voting on your entry.

Your requested art drawn by the Co-Founder, ~ElizaMoonchild and your winning entry becomes a Club ID!

The new deadline is JANUARY 31st, 2013!! Please upload your contest entry to your Deviantart gallery and post a link to it in the comments here!

There will only be a 1st place winner awarded.

Please send ~ElizaMoonchild a note with your question(s).

I would REALLY like to see some more submissions on this! Good luck and Yuffentine on!
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Group Info

This is a Final Fantasy VII fan club. It was specifically made for fans of the optional characters in Final Fantasy VII, Vincent Valentine and Yuffie Kisaragi. It's also home for fans of Yuffietine, but is not soley a Yuffietine club. Meaning, this is open to all Deviants who may only be fans of Vincent and Yuffie and not the pairing.

    "We're a very accepting club, who accepts people of all different cultures and we support all art styles. We also hold several contests ranging from: cosplay, fanart, fan-fiction, icons, animations, wallpapers, banners, photomanipulation, and so on! We interview well-known artists related to the club's topic! We have a private chat room available for: members, watchers, and guests. And we even have a club comic collaboration going on all the time that any member can be apart of. Lastly, I want to mention how we have a Videos or Music page that features links to the: Final Fantasy VII soundtrack, video walkthroughs for Final Fantasy VII and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, conventions, and tutorials on how to build Vincent and Yuffie cosplays. Most of all this club is about sharing ideas and art, making friends, and having fun!" -Original Founder
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Aug 25, 2006


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    :christmas: Icon Contest Entry by Lythero

    :bulletred:Chat room
    :bulletgreen:About Club
    :bulletred:Voice Actors
    :bulletgreen:CLUB COMIC
    :bulletred:Tips & Tricks
    :bulletred:CLUB EVENTS
    :bulletred:Videos or Music
    :bulletgreen:Affiliates' Events
    :bulletred:Discussion Board
    :bulletgreen:Final Fantasy VII
    :bulletred:Online Translator
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    :bulletred:Dirge of Cerberus
    :bulletgreen:Club Comic References
    :bulletred:CONTESTS "Hall of Fame"
    :bulletgreen:Club Comic - Chat Room Notes
    :bulletred:Final Fantasy VII-Advent Children

    commission: Vincent, Quistis, Yuffie, Lightning by MathiaArkoniel :thumb264861712:

    :meditation: Founder's Reminder:: WE ACCEPT ANY AND ALL DEVIANTART USERS. You do not have to know about Final Fantasy VII (maybe you're curious about learning more about Final Fantasy VII through the club)! Unlike several other clubs on Deviantart we will not judge you and we will never refuse your request to join or refuse your work.

    :thumb258883649: :thumb259560548:

    WE ACCEPT ALL ART (so long as it pertains to the club and if it's up on Deviantart then it already abides by Deviantart's rules and regulations). WE WILL NEVER TURN AWAY JOIN REQUESTS AND ART. EVERYONE IS EQUAL HERE.

    Final Fantasy VII ULTIMATE by fallout161 Art Trade : Yuffie Kisaragi by paipang FF7 - Death From Above by Remainaery

    The club prides itself in being a well-organized group. Just check out the Featured folder. To get your work into the Featured folder know that we judge by quality and style.


    We're an international club, so we encourage everyone to get to know each other and learn about other members' styles of art and cultures. If you'd like to chat with your Deviantart friends, please feel free to use the private chat room made specifically for your convenience.

    :thumb299248433: yuffie 1 by abbottw Looking for something by Anniexcos

    Since we're international we're a very diverse club. We don't limit ourselves to one type of art. We're open to all types of styles and mediums, because art is unlimited. We accept fan-fiction, stamps, photography, cosplay, paintings, the list is endless. We also host all types of contests ranging from fan-fiction to cosplay.

    FFVII . Marlene's birthday by NetherworldQueen :thumb145512060: Vincent Valentine by BrianFajardo

    Being a diverse club WE ACCEPT EVERYONE and embrace uniqueness and individuality in art, style, and the culture you bring to the club. Any member of Deviantart can join from any country. We embrace diversity.

    Cherry Blossom Festival: Contest Entry by Kiwi-Starfruit

    If you have a complaint, suggestion, or something else you'd like to discuss about the club please comment on either the Suggestions or Disscusion Board.  

    PLEASE, before your ask any of the Founders questions. Be sure to read through the club's Frequently Asked Questions.

    Final Fantasy-Yuffietine pg. 1 by LoverlyYuffie :thumb288994292:

    :star: :star:The FEATURED folder ONLY ALLOWS works that include VINCENT AND OR YUFFIE in them. The ONLY PAIRING allowed into the FEATURED FOLDER is YUFFIETINE. Any works of other pairings or related characters in Final Fantasy VII must be placed in another folder!!:star: :star:

    :thumb34552046: Vincent and Yuffie by VincentYuffieFan

    The club is now accepting any: Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, or Dirge of Cerberus works that do NOT have Vincent and or Yuffie in them into the "AVALANCHE or Other" folder.

    Enough With Formality by ElizaMoonchild You smell like green apples... by Albel-is-MINE

    :bulletblue:How do I become an "official" member? Click on the "Join" icon above this Main Page.

    :bulletblue:What is the comic collaboration? The comic collaboration is an ongoing comic creation titled, "Beautiful Chaos." The story focuses on the adventures of Vincent Valentine and Yuffie Kisaragi. It is a Final Fantasy VII comic that is only made by members, who have volunteered their talents for a few pages: writing, editing, line art, coloring, etc.

    :thumb200459762: :thumb78393677: :thumb200459159:

    :bulletblue:How do I get involved in the comic collaboration? Send a note to the Founder. Tell them what you would like to contribute: coloring, line art, etc.

    :bulletblue:What is a Contributor? Contributor is an honorary title given to an artist by this club. It's an acknowledgement of excellence the club gives to an artist for creating exceptional work(s) related to the club. They have as much control and access to the club as the Founders.

    Vincent Valentine 2 by Insane-Pencil Vincent Valentine 4 by Insane-Pencil

    :bulletred:CLICK HERE TO WATCH the Yuffietine Date
    :bulletred:CLICK HERE TO READ the art engineer's manga
    :bulletred:CLICK HERE TO READ about the FFVII environment
    :bulletred:CLICK HERE TO READ the timeline of Final Fantasy VII

    limit:CHAOS by pupukachoo Valentine by pupukachoo

    I m a ninja by E-motMEMORABLE QUOTES: :ninjaglomp: by Ralexin
    Yuffie Kisaragi: "Imagine that! Me saving the great Vincent Valentine! Do I get any thanks?" [laughs]
    Vincent Valentine: "Thanks, Yuffie."
    Yuffie Kisaragi: "No, no, whoa. I didn't mean for you to take me so seriously."

    Vincent Valentine: "I have nothing to say."
    Yuffie Kisaragi: "That's okay, it was probably depressing anyway."

    Yuffie Kisaragi: "Oh GAWD! If I knew this was gonna happen, I would've taken rope escape lessons more seriously!!"

    Yuffie Kisaragi: "Larva? You mean, he’s an insect?"

    Vincent Valentine: "More nightmares will come to me now. More than I previously had."

    Vincent Valentine: "Escape from a world of illusions... Hmph... I wonder which is better."

    Vincent Valentine: "I don't care what you are doing, so much
    as the idiotic way that you are doing it."

    Vincent Valentine: "I was frozen in time, but I feel as if my time is just beginning..."

    Vincent Valentine: "The gate of tomorrow is not the light of heaven."

    christmas party at home by MenInASuitcase

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The Favorites is only for works that include Vincent Valentine, Yuffie Kisaragi, or Yuffietine. We do not accept non-Yuffietine pairings in the Favorites, but we do in the gallery's "AVALANCHE or Other" folder. We allow those work submissions there for members or non-members. Question? Please note a Founder.

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