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:: Gran Pulse Fields ::



Happy Birthday :iconlonewolf117:, sorry it took me so frickin long to finish this. I hope you 
enjoy they both xD.

Side Note: These models are currently unavailable for download ATM, you can find a direct link to ER's version of Fang. 
The Fang model I used was a heavily edited model, new hands, feet, bone weight, and a re-texture.

Lightning: Where are we?
Fang: Were in Gran Pulse mate!
Light: Where are all my clothes?!
Fang: You looked hot so I took them off

Snow: :iconpervylukaplz: 

Yea, yea I know that is some lame dialogue xD.


Pose/ Render/ Model/ Edits By: VincentXyooj
Original Fang Mod By: (ER) Oerba Yun Fang

Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Farron
Game: Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII
Lightning character belongs to Square Enix.
©Square Enix 


Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Oerba Yun Fang
Game: Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII
Fang character belongs to Square Enix.
©Square Enix 


Eclaire and Fang pose by me

No copyright infringement intended
All Rights Reserved


Updated image, more effects added

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Incredibly impressive.

I really like the attention to detail on the grass and how it integrates into the image as a whole instead of your characters just lying on a static background. Just the little bits that appear to overlap and extend over the character models really help.

Another plus is that the rest of the image is populated with other things like the butterflies and dandelions, it adds a lot of depth and color to an otherwise boring background.

The orange light coming off the right side is an odd choice, but I haven't played the entire game nor does it really detract from the rest of the picture in any significant way so it's fine. The light did help add some much needed depth and shadows to the characters which is a nice detail.

Overall I have not really seen much art of this kind as detailed and visually stunning as this one. I look forward to whatever your next project will be.