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Performance Of A Life Time
I feel each breath go out
and in.
The art of living a distant
Existing, just another state
of numb.
Just being hurts, no place to
Sleep walking through the day
and night.
A puppet show, no strings in
Performance art to get me
A high wire act for all to
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 4 0
Shades of Grey
Even on the brightest day.
My world is only shades
of grey.
For those who live inside
their head.
Not quite alive, not really
Simple things, just out of
Pleading with empty eyes,
It happens slowly day by
As the colours softly, bleed
Leaving only shades of
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 2 2
More to Life
Life is just a struggle that goes on.
It’s never as simple, as the lyrics in
a song.
Lines that should be said, are buried
with the dead.
Life is just a struggle that goes on.
Regrets are for the things we left undone.
Time is gone before we write the song.
Fingertips, left hanging out in space
Endless burning need to just erase
Life is just a struggle that goes on.
Reason seldom writes the words we speak.
Hurt and longing drives the dialogue of
Life is just a struggle that goes on.
A mile is not the measure of our worth.
The paths our sisters and our brothers
can’t traverse.
We cannot walk the trails, that only they
have trod.
A hand held out in love is all we’ve got.
Life is just a struggle that goes on .
If the only thing you leave is a legacy of
Then life will be a struggle that goes on.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 5 2
No Diamonds In the Sky
Remember the days when only the sky was blue
When the only darkness that you knew was lit
with Diamond stars.
Blue is now the way you feel, it’s visible
to only you, nevertheless, all too real.
When the darkness comes there are no
diamonds left to find.
Fighting hard each day to stay, to not get
left behind.
There is no place that’s safe now, from the
battles in your mind.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 4 1
As I Am
I am not the things I should be
I am just the things I am.
I am not the things I could be
I am just the things I am.
I am not the things I would be
I am just the things I am.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 4 2
As I wander the empty rooms,
that occupy my mind.
The picture frames of memories,
hold emotions, I cannot find.
The dust of years lays heavy,
on a life that once had shine.
I search these rooms, with some
faint hope that it’s spark,
can still be mine.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 4 1
The Long Fall
The absence of light, darkness no
Weight of the day, crushes away,
any flame that dares flicker.
Days that fade, stretching back,
days not to come.
Each breath weighs more than it's
Soul stretched thin, all the feelings
fall through.
Trapped in your head, invisible world
a cell called home.
Be, be not, a coin that rests on its
edge, waiting for the long fall.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 6 3
Fate Is Not So Fickle
There are divides, both wide and small.
They separate us, one and all.
A chance of birth, or a random state.
Some see purpose; others fate.
Easy, to just make excuses, obfuscate. 
Pretend that choice, is not at stake.
To never own the choice you make.
The Devil only whispers, "Do" 
Ultimately, the choice is you.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 16 3
High Wire, No Act
If it's rain, it's my parade.
You missed my act.
I wish you had stayed.
I use no nets, just tightrope 
Walk razor wire, enjoy the 
You never know it might 
Just sit back and watch me
At the very least it may
It's really not a show and
Just a glimpse, my private
The blood is real the wounds
as well.
Not the greatest show on
But, you're bound to get your
monies worth.
Please sit back, enjoy the show.
The main event the blow by
I tread this wire every day.
If you catch me, perhaps,
I'll stay.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 11 7
Stars That Wish You Well.
There are treasures, written in the skies.
On crystal nights they fill my eyes.
I feel so small, but a part of something
vast as well.
It brings me slowly out of my shell, to be a 
part of the heavens mystic spell.
A night of splendor and grande romance.
To wish in wonder and take a chance. 
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 14 4
Colour My World
I spend my days and some very long nights.
Preoccupied with the black and whites.
Expectations, things too not and too do.
The social rules, that govern me and you.
Often grey can cloud the view.
Confuse, confound and leave us blue.
With do no harm, one of the golden rules.
A rule that many, think only for fools.
One they, therefore, choose to bend, abuse.
They roll right over me and you. 
Careless, heedless of the harm they do.
We who feel their booted heal.
Know the world can frequently, fail to feel.
Realise that things are neither black nor white.
It's in the shades and colours too 
That kindness brings a different hue.
Of colours soft and bold, both bright and new. 
A rainbow reason to think things through.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 14 0
When Snowbells Bloom
Red and blue came to be, the colours
of our love.
Remember when it was so green, fresh
and new.
Campfire leaves in a spiral, that flew so
high and burned so true.
Horizons lost in your soft blue eyes.
Moutain lakes, reflect the skies 
Knitted jumpers, gold silk draped hair. 
Stolen heart moments, cherished, rare. 
Became the Autumn, soft reds, gold hue.
Came winter with its cold, soft blue.
Like Snowbells waiting to chime in spring. 
Our love will bloom to life again.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 12 0
Rainbows Gift
Amazing how just coloured bands.
Can fill our lives with fresh hope
and plans.
Though lightning flashes and thunder 
Eventually, the sun breaks through.
The world washed clean to start anew.
Seven bands that shine each hue.
Like seven notes, that sing of nature's 
heavenly scale. 
A rainbows gift, a promise life will 
never fail. 
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 12 3
Pearls Of Kindness
One small act of kindness won't
change the world.
Then again, you don't find every
oyster, shelters a pearl.
One grain of sand in a random
Gives you a pearl that seems
heaven sent.
One small good deed, like that
minute grain of sand.
Can put a glow, in the day, of
a person unplanned. 
A ripple of kindness, like an
endless string of pearls.
Could at least lighten someone's
Even if it won't change the world.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 18 9
Into the Light
When your soul has things to tell.
Listen closely listen well.
Deep down inside the things you
Bring them slowly into the light.
They will struggle, they will fight.
Secrets have no power to hold.
Once their truths you do unfold.
They grow in power when out of
Just pull their teeth so they cant 
Rob them of their hidden fright.
Free yourself with truth and light.
Take back your power and own 
your might. 
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 17 3
They Roam The Night
Night has come, tis the witching hour.
Where monsters creep and teeth devour.
In the darkness, I feel at ease.
A glint of claws, in starlight tease.
The demons I harbour, deep in my soul.
All prowl at night when the cold winds moan.
So bar your windows, lock your doors.
The night is mine the day is yours.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 12 1


The Problem With Poetry
I've noticed it often,
it's taken as read,
that violets are blue
and that roses are red.
See, roses ARE red -
well, that much is true.
The thing about violets is
they're violet, not blue.
The problem with poems -
is they say what they want.
Author's true control
over poems is scant.
They write them, you read them
and think you know what they mean
but true poems have meanings
even they haven't seen.
They don't follow rules
or a pattern, or pace
Hell, some of MY poems
are just words in a space.
"Poetic license"
Now, that comes up a lot
it just means the author's input
doesn't matter a jot.
See, poems are sentient
with minds of their own.
With their own little wars
over their own little thrones.
They've hatched up a plot
to take over the globe
and all through the power
of your temporal lobe.
So next time you find poetry
and start scrolling through,
just bear in mind
:icongreenblade16:GreenBlade16 9 10
People will always tell you what there afraid of but is that really what they fear
Like I don't like spiders or failure but am I scared of failing or the outcome of failure
When someone says there afraid of heights there not there just scared of falling
If someone says there afraid of the dark there really afraid of what's hiding in the darkness
When someone says there scared of not fitting in there scared of rejection
All these things have meanings behind them
So what are you scared of is it the outcome of what you think you fear or is it really the fear of not knowing
We can't tell what's real so we hide the truth with something close to it
It's human nature at its best
:icononokira:Onokira 9 2
Carey Mulligan by daekazu Carey Mulligan :icondaekazu:daekazu 3,668 133
No one cares
You know the feeling?
The feeling of feeling icky
The feeling of wanting to shout?
But at the same time
You feel like you’re not valid
Your worries are not worth it
No one cares
You know the feeling?
The feeling of feeling tired
The feeling of just wanting to sleep
But at the same time
You feel like you are lazy
You are not worth it
No one cares
I’m tired of feeling these things
I’m tired of being this way
I know I have to accept it and
I know it is okay
There’s nothing more to say
No one cares
:iconaltheatoasty:AltheaToasty 52 19
One of those nights
The night falls
Just like me
The day breaks
I am already broken
Every day
It's the same routine
Every night
I fall apart
I'm trying to relax
I'm trying to float
It has no use
It is to no avail
I choose to let go
:iconaltheatoasty:AltheaToasty 11 6
I turned the lights off
Just before I kissed you
Turned them back on
And now I miss you
:iconaltheatoasty:AltheaToasty 12 6
Worry less, smile more. Don't regret. Just learn more
:icononokira:Onokira 7 0
Reaper  by Onokira Reaper :icononokira:Onokira 18 2
Their souls
Close your eyes and bite your tongue
Don't say the thing your head replays
Cause in the end it'll end the same
Hold it inside and face the facts
People can't hear the thoughts at bay
Cause if they do they'll know the real you the you that's words can break down walls and tear apart hearts your words can break what people thought were set in stone I guess that's why I keep my mouth shut when I'm around them because they don't know what I keep inside what I fear could break their souls and change their lives
:icononokira:Onokira 4 4
Tell me Why
Lies are like daggers that cut through the heart
How is one to mend what has been broken
Broken pieces can not by mended if a pieces is missing
So tell me how is one suppose to put together the soul that has been shattered
Tell me why it was shattered in the first  place but no silence will feel the room because no one wants to take credit for the one who has died on the inside.
:icononokira:Onokira 6 0
Burning desire
I take a long hard look
At what they want to say
The words in this notebook
And the movie starts to play
This movie inside my head
As I think very visually
While I’m laying in my bed
Reading words I no longer see
As I read it I start to imagine
That the person in this story
That is commiting this great sin
Is not someone else, but me
A soft touch or a caress
And I would just pretend
That I could not care less
But I don’t want it to end
I don’t want to be woken up
And brought back to reality
I really don’t want to stop
This feeling inside of me
Like I’m walking through a fire
The flames licking my skin
I am burning with desire
And I just want to give in
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 14 17
Running out (of me?)
I'm in no way running out of time
Time is the one that's running out,
I'm just a single frozen rhyme,
A play on words, not so sublime
Frozen somewhere deep in time,
Unheard, the melodies that I chime.
A word in such an illiterate clime
In which reading is the only crime.
I'm in no way running out of time,
Cause time was never even mine.
Time is the one that's running out,
I'm in no way running out of time.
:icon286yoha:286yoha 15 23
In this together...
You know my words are always true
I can't force lies into my ink
Can't lie and say I had no clue,
Or say our hearts can beat in sync.
And I said "all the walls are blue"
You said "it's fine, just paint them pink!"
And just as weak, I'm human too
I also fell, before I would think.
So stay with me, just get me through
Get me high, let's dance and drink,
Nobody else, just me and you
Leave me no space to overthink.
Lost in your eyes, deep in the view
I'll never need to breathe or blink
Forgive me if I say "I love you too".
I want you to stay, but don't want you to sink.
:icon286yoha:286yoha 15 21
Dreaming of the day
It's going to be okay
It's going to go my way
One day
Now everything seems hopeless
There is no light
Everything is hopeless
Hope is out of sight
It will work out fine
My life will be mine
And I will be back
One day
It's going to go my way
It's going to be okay 
:iconaltheatoasty:AltheaToasty 15 11
I'm still looking for you, hazy Stranger.
In the silhouettes of two o'clock Dreams, I can almost find you amongst galaxy people.
Bare wrist
and tattooed veins branching out through
trees in the Sahara.
You bring Names that sound of endings,
   fresh thoughts of home
And coffee mug color schemes
to catch bullets shot at my back.
You can have my typos
that I've erased before Apollo caught me.
   and keep their existence secret to everyone,
but the religion I found in you.
And though always a nostalgic brand,
I've never been as desperate
    As I am right now. hoping you're reading this
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 18 4
I've loved but never been in Love
it looks nice,
 Hands held across the booth,
soft-edged stars crinkled in the wilt of their eyes
as they gaze to each other with the loveliest smiles.
There's a warmth there, rivaling Venus
  That I can only feel glimpses of
and some dark parts of me wonder
if I'm capable of love at all
Because while I have known this cloud-based feeling,
Pouring storms of good intentions
into the only world we share,
hoping this time it will save you
I fear that the only love I have is Word tied
And writing you into metaphors
 and rummaging through screens
is the closest I'll ever get
to the Dreams I always wake up from.
:iconrandommeandbob:randomMeAndBob 27 4




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In Memory of my Dad, who read me Winnie the Pooh, Wind in the Willows. Took me to the Library every week after school and who taught me to love books and writing.

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