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Dreams of Starlight
The beams of starlight expel the gloom.
Window open, on my prison room.
They wink, shine and sparkle glee.
For that brief moment, my soul is free.  
To ride the beams, back into the night.
Float carefree, soak in the light.
Knowing well my time is nigh.
Then back to prison my soul and I.
Dawn comes creeping stealing light.
Bringing with it, the reality bite. 
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 14 3
Leaves Ballet
A pirouette of leaves pays 
homage to the breeze. 
Red and yellow dancers, 
Allegro, higher just to tease.
Childish glee, chasing sunlight, 
playfull through the trees.
Elegant abandon, exquisite,
rustle, repartee.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 10 10
So Much More
If I am stardust, then sprinkle me now.
If I am moonbeams, then let me shine.
If I am dew drops, then let me glisten. 
If I am birdsong, just stop and listen.
If I am fragile, don't let me break.
If I am tearful, don't let them fall.
If I am lonely, don't close the door.
If I am different don't turn away.
I am not, any single thing 
I am these things and many more.
I am a complex book, you should explore. 
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 9 7
More Than A Card
Chances squandered moments missed.
So few times, of love and bliss.
Proximity, a sad substitute,
for a lack of intimacy.
More than coffee, in the grid,
connected feelings rare to find.
Acquainted strangers sharing beds,
diary dates for bumping heads.
Frozen moments caught in time,
find no reasons find no rhymes.
Longing looks, twin mirror states,
shopping lists just obfuscate.
Beigne neglect, love turns to hate.
Open eyes and open hearts say the
things that create the sparks.
Passions easy, love is hard,
it's not an easy Hallmark card.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 7 2
Binding Words
A lovers fool, a poet, trapped 
inside a cell.
The only source of freedom, is 
the words that he can tell.
His thoughts fall, gently scattered,
from his mind onto the page.
Words of blood and longing to 
banish pain, assuage.
Gentle words that balm and treat
the thunder in his heart.
The only things that bind his soul.
Or, the shattered pieces part.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 7 2
Long Silences
Escalator roses appear, as if just
from thin air.
I love the way your eyes light up,
your cheeks like roses fair.
Cafe crowds just disappear.
Our eyes are locked, our voices tuned.
In all existence, it's just we two.
The world is silently made anew.
It's just your voice, depthless eyes, so blue.
I long for that silence, of a world just with you.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 10 2
Sanity And Moonlight
Daylight brings the pain.
Eyes snap open and it surges,
through my veins. 
It is the glass that magnifies,
gives focus clear and plain.
Allows the world to get inside,
to play games with my brain.
I much prefer the moonlight. 
My mind bathes gently in its
I wander unmolested as the 
stars put on a show.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 7 2
No Sideshow Fun
This mental maelstrom that I live
with, just keeps on dealing blows.
Crushing highs that yank me up.
Then numbing, soul destroying
Yet, from the outside, no one
An internal battle wages in silent
writhing throes.
It's like the wires don't connect.
When I should smile, the tears
just flow. 
Like a violent sideshow ride, all
fall and dip inside my mind.
No release, no peace, just an 
endless white-knuckle, coaster
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 7 1
Alone Inside Your Heart
Cold callous fingers clutch at 
your heart.
Beating staccato, jagged ice 
cuts apart.
Mercury plummets, freezing
marrow in bones.
Limbs stiff and shaking, melody
playing, funeral-like tones.
The sun is still shining the birds
fly and sing.
Inside you're dying, no one else
feels a thing.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 12 7
The Next Dance
When I'm gone, please dance upon 
my grave.
Make it a little two-step, laugh and 
Don't ever shed a tear and try not 
to be blue.
When I see you in the next life, we'll
share a dance or two.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 11 10
Storm Tossed Hearts
Tempest true no languid zephyr.
Wind-tossed waves, wanton  
Abandoned sinking, two hearts, 
at sea. 
Our stormy love, a drowning
The ships lie wrecked upon the 
Now the driftwood victim's, of loves  
Time and tide now a castaway wish.
To taste again true lovers bliss.
Feel again, a warm salt wind, blow 
through our hair. 
To tread those decks free from despair.
A gentle breeze, a voyage of love.
Guided by the stars above.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 8 5
Depression's Demons
Our demons are our own.
A hell that we call home.
They all have teeth that 
rend and tear. 
Their skin is black, their 
eyes despair. 
No one else even knows
they're there. 
They plague us all the 
Depression is their name,
torture their favourite 
Over our lives they do 
lay claim.
In life's struggles, they are 
our bane. 
Yet, we all fight against them, 
just the same. 
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 11 8
To me, thoughts are like butterflies.
They flitter around inside my head.
I watch in raptured wonder as they 
flit and float till said.
Unless the paper captures them,
before their life is though.
They flutter once then float away
and never get to you.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 11 2
Open Heart Surgery
When your heart is wrapped, against 
the pain.
Feelings are guarded they're never
Trust is hard to taste again, when
tongues are silent and words are 
a strain.
A mind shut down, withdrawn from
Keeps you safe, but you're always
To open up, you risk more pain, but 
it's your only chance to love again.
Surgery, an open vein, you bleed a little
but your heart's aflame.  
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 11 7
Candles That Surround Me
A handful of candles burn.
Their light fills my whole
Each one a flaming, individual
Unique as every snowflake
that swirls.
The warmth of their glow
sustains me. 
When the light of my candle
burns low.
I love and cherish each flicker.
There is a great need in me, for
them, all to know.
When the light of their love is
around me.
That the darkness recedes and the
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 8 5
Little Candle
Little candle, oh how you shine.
Lost and alone in the darkness.
I see the blaze that lives in your
It lights up the night like a star.
One day you will see.
What is as clear as crystal to me.
Just how incandescently bright 
that you are.
:iconvincentvff:VincentVFF 12 8


Hinata Hyuga #8 by tokyosnowie Hinata Hyuga #8 :icontokyosnowie:tokyosnowie 160 16 Four seasons finished by always-imperfect Four seasons finished :iconalways-imperfect:always-imperfect 9 11
Hidden Messages
Visions of hidden messages
With meanings quite obscure
Drift across my consciousness
And just have to be endured
The trance-like state I wake in
Prevents me from clear thought
There’s nothing very calming
In fact, it’s all quite fraught
These night-time complex dreams
That ensnare my addled brain
With old deceptive patterns
Repeat time and time again
:iconsevvysgirl:sevvysgirl 10 19
Fallen Through The Net
I’ve been through the mill
But also fallen through the net
Ignored, misunderstood
But you’re unlikely to forget!
I’ll make sure you remember
Just who I really am
And all that I’ve endured
While you couldn’t give a damn!
There will be justice one day
Though it may not be on earth
‘Cos I’m a true believer
That we’ll get what we deserve!
There won’t be any secrets
They’ll be no place left to hide -
And those with broken souls
Will in heaven then reside!
:iconsevvysgirl:sevvysgirl 7 15
Wood by always-imperfect Wood :iconalways-imperfect:always-imperfect 2 3
Imperfect heart
Beautiful faces
Are all around
But beautiful hearts
Are hard to be found
But I have found someone
Who has mastered the art
Of seeing beauty and perfection
In my imperfect heart
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 27 39
Band aid for my heart
It is too bad that not only
Are band-aids too small
To cover the wounds
Of my broken heart
It is also too hard to reach
The bleeding won't stop
Raging rivers of emotions
Flowing out of the wounds
Like winding rivers
Like open veins
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 27 26
She watches the day go by
Dreading the lunchtime bell
Cuz that’s when she’ll have to find
A place to sit by herself
Nobody wants her
Nobody needs her
The way they need you and me
No happily ever
She’ll never find after
And no one can see
Every night she cries
Every night a little more of her dies
She needs a way out
A way to deal with the pain
She can’t figure it out
It’s all too far away
So she picks up a kitchen knife
And brings it back to her room
She calls it her way to survive
But really it’s just bringing her closer to
A way to die
A way to end her life
People call themselves her friends
But friends could really know
What she’s doing to herself
I guess it doesn’t show
But it’s too late
She’s too damn afraid
To tell herself to stop
She tells her family
They say it’s just a phase
And eventually it’ll wear off
Every night she cries
Every night a little more of her dies
By now she’s too far gone
Thinking sh
:iconsilvermist999:silvermist999 22 34
Abused by metaphors
And letters are meant to be sent,
But mine are the ones who send me.
I'm nothing but a simple cent
They get to choose how to spend me,
And I have not the right to vent;
I live on the strength they lend me,
But they're the source of my torment
Yet they are the ones who mend me.
Now every letter needs to end,
But mine will be the ones to end me.
:icon286yoha:286yoha 15 11
Inside The Ribcage Of A Free Lion
Oh the sweet redolent summer wind,
Breathing life into the grassy fields,
Creating the definition of serenity;
A tender motion of golden waves
Reflecting the wamrth of every sunset.
I can hear it, gently calling my name.
My heart beats in sync with it's voice,
As my lungs embrace the taste of joy,
I can easily take off running, floating,
Flying across the charming landscapes,
Free of care like I'm younger than ever,
forever's right now, right now is forever.
:icon286yoha:286yoha 11 6
Divided by two
My chest is not capable of holding this
not anymore at least, not anymore.
I viciously split my world in half,
this wasn't my intention...
But I am now hiding in one side,
Afraid to peek into the other.
Because every time I attempt to,
My heart becomes so violent;
Punching every wall it reaches,
Screaming, asking to be sit free.
As my lungs wither silently,
Terrified of their own comrade.
And so I'm forced to escape
Back to the empty side I made,
Waiting for my heart to come down,
Barely catching my weary breath,
I wish, I so desperately wish
I knew how to tame my past.
:icon286yoha:286yoha 15 18
Please, I miss you
I have no energy to fight back
Please go on, do what you want,
Have as much fun as you need,
Cut as many strings as you'd like,
Burn all the remaining feathers,
Leave as many marks as you wish,
And then leave me breathless,
Leave me, and go away,
Until you start craving
To come back again...
:icon286yoha:286yoha 12 5
my grief is quicksand
the louder i shout
the faster i sink
it hummmms like a refrigerator
in the back of my skull
while i sleep
who am i kidding -
i don't sleep anymore
not since
i saw you in my dreams
obsidian eyes stuck by lightning
i remember those long summer days, we drunk plum purple red wine and i read poetry to you about wars and oceans. wine stained mouth pursed, i thought nothing could touch us
spring came along, a shy hesitant thing
bulbs extend a tender trusting green shoot
and i do too
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 8 7
yellow Kowhai buds
hang like church bells
Bellbirds chime an exquisite duet
a Tuis timber creek call reverberates
birds flit and float on tree fingertips
:iconfoxseason:foxseason 15 15
My mind is a prison
My body feels like a prison
My mind is the isolation cell
Where they lock me away
When things get bad
Trying to make me believe
It is to help me
But I know it’s a lie
I can never escape
And they are destroying me
From the inside out
:iconpriswolf:Priswolf 18 23



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Night Beautiful people the day is at an end and sleep must have it's due.
Night Beautiful people the day is at an end and sleep must have it's due.
The beams of starlight expel the gloom.
Window open, on my prison room.
They wink, shine and sparkle glee.
For that brief moment, my soul is free.  
To ride the beams, back into the night.
Float carefree, soak in the light.
Knowing well my time is nigh.
Then back to prison my soul and I.
Dawn comes creeping stealing light.
Bringing with it, the reality bite. 



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