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Vincent Van Hoof
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Illustration and concept art professional.

8 years of industry experience. 40+ games worked on. 5 successful Kickstarter projects.

Currently available for freelance or full-time game and film projects.

Please send all job inquiries / questions to:

Available for: Full-time and Freelance





The quilltail chiropteran is a rare and elusive monster known for the iconic quills at the tip of its tail. With a simple flick, the quilltail can launch as few or as many of these needle-sharp projectiles as it pleases. Although it's very capable of launching all of its quills at once, the quilltail relies on precision strikes rather than a flurry of inaccurate shots that would only agitate its target.

Wild quilltails dislike fighting and will go to great lengths to avoid confrontation. When threatened, it often fires a quick volley to deter would-be pursuers before attempting to flee.

Illustration for the upcoming tabletop game, Flicker. 

Official Monster Bestiary Page

Quilltail Games

Portfolio | LinkedIn | Twitter

For freelance inquiries email me at:
Life Updates and a Thank You to the DeviantArt Community

The Old Ones by VincentVanHoof

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've posted any new art, or much at all to the site. My apologies for that, I've been extremely busy the past few months with client work and life in general. 

My freelancing business has taken off, I've moved in with my long-term girlfriend, got a cute little kitty, and have regularly been working out everyday to reverse my "sit in-doors and work all day pudgy" artist's physique. 

What Have I Been Doing With My Time?

I've been seriously investing time into doing freelance art since I graduated college about 5 years ago. I've been making art at least 8 hours a day, everyday for close to 10 years. 

I've only started being able to steadily pay my bills since about a year ago. But even with all my amazing clients, life can still be stressful, and finding new clients is a daily undertaking. 

Juggling client work, finding new clients, paying bills, and trying to live a healthy lifestyle while finding time for family can be extremely stressful. 

All of this leads me to have less time for my personal art. Which is unfortunate, because I absolutely pride myself in making completely unique work that is original. Drawing, painting, and fully illustrating my own art in my own way is what I live for. 

DeviantArt Community

I've been working really hard on my art, pretty much my entire life. (Been drawing since I was two, just ask my dad, he has thousands of my old drawings)

DeviantArt has always been there for me. This community has always responded really positively to my art, and I'm extremely grateful to each and every person who has viewed my art, favorited, or shared my work. It's been by far the largest fan base I've been able to acquire, and it makes me extremely happy. 

(My Daily Deviation! One of my proudest accomplishements)

Merch by Amazon. 

I've been trying to think of ways I can support myself with my own artwork. I heard about sites like Redbubble and Teepublic, where I can upload my art and they'll make/sell the products. 

Which is great! However, my style of art isn't connected to any major brands, since I want to stay away from copyright infringement and I love creating my own style and designs. Which results in it being very difficult to for anyone to find me. 

I've had some work up on those sites in the past and tried a few different things, but I never really committed to it. The timing just wasn't right, I really needed to focus on finding work to stay afloat. 

However, I've been accepted to Merch by Amazon, so I thought I'd give it another go and try to design some original work to put on the Marketplace. 

Amazon has a fair business model and extremely good customer service, so I have some more faith that it could be a good avenue for me support myself and family as a more long term solution. 

I've only posted 1 design so far, you can check it out here

I'm Bad at Selling Art, but I'm Good at Making it. 

I hate advertisements, and I hate selling things to people. It's difficult to drive traffic to your designs. I'm weary of paying for ads, since if it isn't successful, I'm actively losing money. Plus, I don't enjoy being advertised to, so the whole process just irks me. 

Pretty much the only thing I'm good at is making art.

So as much as I hate it, I'm going to try to start monetizing my future personal work, in the form of posting it on sites like Amazon and Redbubble. Simply because, well I need to pay bills and this could become a long term solution.

When I post something new that isn't client work, I'll have a link to where you can purchase it.


Posting my artwork for people to enjoy has always been by goal. But, the fact remains that bills are eminent.

I'm an extremely frugal person, which is probably why I've been able to make it on my own so far.

My family used to support me, which I'm beyond grateful for. But the moment I've been able to pay for my own things with my work, is the moment I stopped asking for help. Fortunately, I haven't looked back since. 

I'm a penny pincher and I use my money wisely, which is why even making a tiny amount of money on my personal art through Amazon, would go a long way. 

The Future 

Moving forward, I'd like to make time for personal pieces that I love and that are high quality.

I'll also be posting these works on Amazon, Redbubble, and Teepublic.

(Though if you're going to buy a shirt, I'd recommend Amazon - better customer service and I get better royalties)

If you have any suggestions for something you'd like me to illustrate on a shirt, I'd be happy to hear it. I can't promise I'll make it, but I'd love to interact with people more. Or if you'd like one of my previous works up for sale, I can try to accommodate. 

To make a suggestion or have a discussion, you can either leave comment on my art, my profile, or you can email me at

I'd be happy to do a commission piece for you as well if needed. 

If you'd like to grab a shirt, mug, or print to help support me, I'd really appreciate it. But by no means is it necessary. Just a comment or view on my work means a lot to me. After all, I make art for it to be seen. 

Thanks again everyone.

Vincent Van Hoof
Travel Rex

Travel Rex

What's the best way to travel? Tyrannosaurus Rex forward momentum induced by meat.

Just a fun idea I wanted to draw. Combining my love of dinosaurs and samurai, a natural combo of course. 

By the way, I got approved to Merch by Amazon, and decided to start making some of my work into products on Amazon and Redbubble. Freelancing is great, but I'd like to try to diversify my income to help support my family more. 

Anyways, thanks for taking a look at my work, I really appreciate it!

Shirt for sale on Amazon

Other products available on Redbubble. (Prints, Mugs, Hoodies, etc)

Consider checking them out or getting them for yourself if you'd like to help support me, enjoy my work, or simply need some new clothes. Thank you! 

Portfolio | LinkedIn | Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter

For freelance inquiries email me at:   

Undead Rider

Undead Rider

Withered to the bone, this living corpse is frail but quick in battle. 

Losing all sense of humanity leaves this long lost soldier nothing but a mindless combatant. 


Portfolio | LinkedIn | Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter

For freelance inquiries email me at:   

Vagrant Horseman #2

Vagrant Horseman #2

Wandering from village to village with no home, this lone rider scrapes together a living looking for mercenary work. 

Although this horseman is well armed, not many trust him due to an overall seedy demeanor. 


A variation on yesterdays design. I opted for a sallet style helmet and a different look for the horse armor. 

Portfolio | LinkedIn | Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter

For freelance inquiries email me at:



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