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Ponies for Sale #8

Yes, I know he's a dragon. I'm not changing the title. 

Ponies for Sale 
Pinkie Pie: 
Twilight Sparkle: 
Rainbow Dash: 
Maud Pie:
Spike: HERE 
Derpy Hooves:
Princess Celestia: Ponies for Sale #11
Princess Luna:
Spike belongs to Hasbro
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I'll pay 50$ and more. Gotta give this dragon a proper home where he'll never be enslaved.

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Pays $50. He's so cute and smol!
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I'd rather pay $25 than $50 for Spike tbh.
Sparklethecataj's avatar
I'll pay a million dollars for that stick!!!
XCosmic-FetishX's avatar
I have twilight and rartiy at home spike:Really ok buy me! *buys spike* Spike:-burnings my face- Sorry stomach burns Me:let's hope you done burn down the house
Emerald-Omen's avatar
I'll buy Twilight and You, just to make you feel better
Hey Spike, 'Holds up a diamond'

:iconmlpspikeplz:: TAKE ME!
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lol I guess the stick comes along too. ^.^
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Can't have Twilight without Spike!
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my own slave, finally.
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Can you make one for Doctor Whooves?
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KaRyu: Look out! He has a stick!
(KaRyu and Eyelander panics as KaRyu stands back)
Eyelander: Those stuff use to break my bones back when I was alive!
KaRyu: He has a stick, he is going to ask us to leaf (leave)!
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I don't wanna buy any of the ponies.
This just seems so wrong!D8>
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But they want to be pets. 
LARS777's avatar
If i would buy them,i would release them,so they could be free
VincenttheCrow's avatar
Where people would catch them and eat them? 
LARS777's avatar
Can't they return back home to Equestria?
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