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Ponies for Sale #11

Royalty costs extra, you understand. 

Ponies for Sale 
Pinkie Pie: 
Twilight Sparkle: 
Rainbow Dash: 
Maud Pie:
Derpy Hooves:
Princess Celestia: HERE 
Princess Luna:
Princess Celestia belongs to Hasbro 
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shadowdotm's avatar
Cute Celestia!
OptiMario94's avatar
Yes you are little princess!
xXPastel-BunniesXx's avatar
No, Tia! You are adorable! *Buys*
goldorakx69's avatar
yes your ar cute Princess Celestia
JazzyTyfighter's avatar
If this plush is show accurate, $100 is a steal!
JazzyTyfighter's avatar
Have you seen the prices for show-accurate, fanmade plushes on eBay?
ColonelBSacquet's avatar
No, I haven't seen yet, so I'm completely a priori here.
But who says those prices are fair prices?

:shrug:Sure, 100 $ is a great amount of money for a plush. Maybe the people selling them on EBay do this just as a hobby, a side-activity.
Lose the bow and then I'll for over $100.
bookwormsteve's avatar
ill buy you pays$100dollars
DraculaBelmomt's avatar
To be fair your highness, you're trying too hard to be cute. If you want to look cuter, stop looking like it's had, and just le the adorableness take its course. Or something.
darkbladebrony's avatar
ill buy you my princess 
Seiya-Meteorite's avatar
You look ADORABLE with that bow, Celestia :D
Wirlog's avatar
Poor little thing, no one likes you? OMG! is that a dragon? half price than this one? I'll buy it!!
FowIplay's avatar
Maybe if you weren't a troll, someone would want you.
CharaViolet's avatar
I don't see how she's a troll tho .-.
I mean, she made one little prank and then suddenly she's a troll
FowIplay's avatar
Not just one prank XD 
The bow is cute tho
CharaViolet's avatar
I only remember the coffee thing with the cakes
FowIplay's avatar
So many, I can't name one in particular
CharaViolet's avatar
I honestly don't remember any trolling she did in the show at all, besides that little prank, because she isn't a troll.
You've been given a poor set up is why...

Show detracts from your likability
captainbacon11722's avatar
dont worry sunbutt someone will buy you
Redfierykitteh's avatar
Aww..ill totally buy you,Tia!
Xemnas-sama's avatar
Buys her and even pays extra for her cute bowtie. X3
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