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Ponies for Sale #10

Derpy needs a high-fiber diet. 

Ponies for Sale 
Pinkie Pie: 
Twilight Sparkle: 
Rainbow Dash: 
Maud Pie:
Derpy Hooves: HERE 
Princess Celestia: Ponies for Sale #11
Princess Luna:
Derpy Hooves belongs to Hasbro 
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fanfics4ever's avatar
Derpy! The shelf isn't a muffin!
Thunderlime374's avatar
HNNNNNGGGGG!!!!! She too cute, and it's about over 9000 level of cuteness! I'll take her because she is really cute and best pony! *buys Derpy*
Commander-Gumball's avatar
Derpy Hooves?I TAKE IT!*buy Derpy*
*Talk to Derpy*
Who the good pony?Who the good pony?Yes you are,Derpy.Yes you are!
Dimensional-Expander's avatar
Consider this hella-cute pony bought by me! *Buys Derpy*
xXPastel-BunniesXx's avatar
Oh Derpy, You so sweet! *Buys*
ScienceNerd146's avatar
Here I go *Pays 500$ faster than the speed of light*
XylenneIsNotAmazing's avatar
I've decided to buy her
because shes my favorite pony ever!
and my favorite foal/filly is Sweetie Belle
Sparklethecataj's avatar
:gives 50 dollars: here I'll buy a derpy
SallyFinkelstein13's avatar
Can I have the Derpy? I have a discount.
ButchxButtercup1996's avatar
XCosmic-FetishX's avatar
I will buy this on she looks cute and adorable plus she has a lazy eye like me *buys derpy* Derpy:Derp do have muffins at home? Me:yes Derpy:yay! Me:and you will be never hurt again I promise you Derpy:*crying* -hugs me- Thank you
Unicorn9004's avatar
I want her she is so cute 
VanessaSwann13's avatar
Me: Where are the Derpys?

Employee: Are you sure you wanna know?

Me: Yes. Probably. I don't know.

Employee: She is kept in the vault down the hall.

Me: Ok. Wait what? Why?

Employee: It was the only thing we could do to keep her from demolishing the muffins.
VanessaSwann13's avatar
Emerald-Omen's avatar
I will buy her so fast, you'll just see money appear.
Cosmic-Sky's avatar
I'll take it!!!!! *Breaks glass ,leaves 2000$*
Fujin777's avatar
Laurentiusje's avatar
you can escape now!
Kone5497's avatar
derpy forever!
Kakialoki's avatar
*buys derpy* :3
KironStrife's avatar
Umm. Derpy, that's not a muffin.
COMMANDER9's avatar
(-Insert "Taking a bite out of-" joke here-)
SilverWing27's avatar
O.O XD Wow Derpy. lol If I could buy you, you wouldn't have to eat that and you can eat real food. Preferably muffins. ^.^ lol
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