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Not a cellphone insight just people enjoying the life
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I didn't enjoy this game as much as the first game, but its good
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Fire Keeper- So... how was your day?

Berber of the cures- Eh, can't complain.  
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This, this is peace. After every mission, after every hellish nightmare, to be able to return to such a peaceful place is more than enough reward for the weary. I will always remember Majula, as it is my favorite "hub" in any game I've played. Thank you Shanalotte. Thank you for everything.
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Everytime you come back to Majula, it feels like you return to Paradise, compared to the rest of Drangleic.
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Haha, so cute! :D
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"Have a seat and get comfortable.
We'll both be hollow before you know it."
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Wee need some smoores
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Shanalotte is waifu status
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<font><font>\ ( T ) /</font></font>
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This is Awesome! Please deliver wallpaper version of this art! Please! (any higher resolution will do actually)
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This is sooo cute. *.*
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She look happy for some reason.
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Some good'ol times there with the Emerald Herald.  
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I love Shanalotte! More of dark souls please! 
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