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Gay Graffiti

This made me smile...


After searching around for a while I have come across countless articles, graffiti websites and other places that have used this image without giving me credit. I don't think it's a particularly great photograph, but it's a little rude to just pilfer something and not even mention where it came from. So, if you do use this image, I ask that you also place a link to back to here under it.
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Sep 4, 2006, 9:30:55 PM
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Made me smile too
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Whoever wrote this is probably right, some homophobes could be closeted, self-hating gays.
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People's gender preferences are on the Bell curve, with few people at the far ends who are purely straight or purely gay. A lot of homophobia is rooted in fear of that part of oneself that hate-filled people have taught is something to be kicked around. 
I've always been both amused & appalled that homo-haters think that being gay is so inticing, if you even see a gay person you are turned gay, it ruins your marriage. How obvious is that?
Well, strret art, started some convo.
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I'm straight and I hate my chemical romance, but apparently that dude has an awesome quote.
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Kurt Cobain used it before him.
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clever...very clever.
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Frank Iero said this? YAY!!!! awsm MCR
justSPITonIt's avatar
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Frank Iero said this quote... lol yay for My Chemical Romance
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True shit we like ^^ (y)
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This made me smile too...
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Awesome. My favourite Frank Iero quote. (:
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He wasn't the first person to say it. Kurt Cobain said it before him.
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Oh yeah, he totally did! xD I just associate it with Frank more because he's quoted with it more often.
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kinda makes me wonder who wrote it...
the irony is just so perfect.
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My friend Luke did.
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naw really? lmfao
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