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Tattoo Commission Cancelled

So it took me a few days, an hour here and a few hours there, to get this done and I guess that was too long. So, this will go up on the gallery for all to see.

I started out hating the final pencils of this piece, but once I started inking it, life started coming back into it. After I got the notice that it was cancelled, I was halfway done and wanted to finish it anyways, so I started treating it like an illustration and not just a design. This lead me to add some more detail and shadows where I probably wouldn't have before. It's not as symmetrical as I would have liked either, but whatever.
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Hi there, can I ask how much you were going to get paid for your your commission ? I am looking for a tattoo to get in memory of a coworker . I love this except I would want pumpkins and not roses with pumpkin vines coming out.
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hi. Sorry I didn't see this earlier. It was a $50 commission, but I'm always amenable to whatever. If you already have an artist then, awesome, good luck. If not, just send me a note and I can get on that. Thanks again.
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They couldn't wait a couple of days for a piece of art? Did they give any hint of this deadline in the first place?
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Not really. He did say he wanted to get it done during the weekend last week, but also said that he was in no hurry. It's fine. Stuff happens. I would've liked to have had that little bit of spending money, but it's not the end of my world.
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Dear Job,
I am sorry to hear about what happened to your pet dragon of the rock en cama. I must say that if you believe that I have a aaaaa gggguguguogogoogog the wind blows my lantern shadelet.