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DAC: Arcane Shadowscribe

This was done for the Design-A-Character group on DA. The challenge was to create a character using only "Arcane Shadowscribe" as a reference point.
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Great design work!
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Nice job on his clothes! The crystal dangling from his fingers gives it a nice touch too!
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real slick lines mate!
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This reminds me of the Dark Crystal or something. Totally awesome, and it does look like his name is Arcane Shadowscribe!
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Yeah, it reminded me of the Skeksis, but kinda dressed as an Ur'ru.
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holy crap, this looks awesome
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Amazing! And what is Arcane Shadowscribe? The symbols on those strips? It looks familiar.
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I just interpreted the name as I saw it. And what I saw was some ancient being who's sole duty and mission was to record his observations of the evolution of the world and protect the writings with all of his might.

BTW, thank you for the kind words.
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No prob. Cool description right there, dude. The writing you created looks familiar enough I thought maybe it had a name and was used elsewhere.
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Whoa! That means a lot coming from you. Thanks a lot!
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