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Batman Year One

It's been a while since I put anything up here and I just finished throwing this together so there you go.

I'm a member of a comic book club my friend put together and it's pretty fun. Like a regular book club we pick a graphic novel or collection every month to read and come together to discuss it at the beginning of the next month. Since it's a comic book club and we're all mostly artists, we added a fanart element to it. When we get together, if we wanted we could bring fanart of the book of the month.

Obviously, June was Batman Year One month. It was a quick read, but visually there was a lot for me to take in as Mazzucchelli is a master at the game and I wanted to soak in as much of his art as I could. One thing about Miller's story I realized is how much the Nolan Brothers are taking from it in creating their world for The Dark Knight movies.

I was experimenting A LOT here. Using real brushes for inking again which is still hard with these shaky hands, but worked for the look I wanted here. And, digital coloring using different techniques this time around. Again, a lot of playing around with layers and filters. Still don't have the hang of it, but again, it works for this piece.

Thanks for looking.
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This is incredible!! Love the style, the splatter, the colors. Awesome work!
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Love this! great work.
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Wow. Thanks. I've barely touched digital colors before and was mostly just playing around.
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this is pretty cool. i dig the actual inking, where you can see the diff tones. digital art takes over too much imo, and i like to see u using the traditional style for it. y is catwoman's hand so large tho? its not foreshortened
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great work... i likes...keep em coming!!
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Thanks! I will try.
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