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Commission: Keergan Concept by VincentiusMatthew Commission: Keergan Concept :iconvincentiusmatthew:VincentiusMatthew 138 0 Commission: Terran Concept by VincentiusMatthew Commission: Terran Concept :iconvincentiusmatthew:VincentiusMatthew 502 12 Alienscape by VincentiusMatthew Alienscape :iconvincentiusmatthew:VincentiusMatthew 151 4 Alienscape+ by VincentiusMatthew Alienscape+ :iconvincentiusmatthew:VincentiusMatthew 209 2 Commission: Zhren Thrar Settlement by VincentiusMatthew Commission: Zhren Thrar Settlement :iconvincentiusmatthew:VincentiusMatthew 134 2 Castles by VincentiusMatthew Castles :iconvincentiusmatthew:VincentiusMatthew 157 0 Commission: Zhren Thrar Homeworld by VincentiusMatthew Commission: Zhren Thrar Homeworld :iconvincentiusmatthew:VincentiusMatthew 311 3 Commission: Zhren Thrar Ruins by VincentiusMatthew Commission: Zhren Thrar Ruins :iconvincentiusmatthew:VincentiusMatthew 137 2 Commission: Pirate Ships Concept by VincentiusMatthew Commission: Pirate Ships Concept :iconvincentiusmatthew:VincentiusMatthew 76 0 Commission : Space Station Concept by VincentiusMatthew Commission : Space Station Concept :iconvincentiusmatthew:VincentiusMatthew 157 7 Commission: Baikal by VincentiusMatthew Commission: Baikal :iconvincentiusmatthew:VincentiusMatthew 173 4 Alienworld Concept by VincentiusMatthew Alienworld Concept :iconvincentiusmatthew:VincentiusMatthew 156 3 Commission: Sunclipper and Sunjammer Concept by VincentiusMatthew Commission: Sunclipper and Sunjammer Concept :iconvincentiusmatthew:VincentiusMatthew 68 0 Commission: Rockets and Mayhem_Ghost Drive Concept by VincentiusMatthew Commission: Rockets and Mayhem_Ghost Drive Concept :iconvincentiusmatthew:VincentiusMatthew 301 13 Commission: Dark Castle by VincentiusMatthew Commission: Dark Castle :iconvincentiusmatthew:VincentiusMatthew 298 10 Desolation by VincentiusMatthew Desolation :iconvincentiusmatthew:VincentiusMatthew 151 2


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Hi everyone

I'm open for commission again and I'm very grateful for having you guys as really kind supporters.

Even though this past 2 months was a very rough months for me personally, it's also a month where the sadness ended for now and the Lord opened up a chance for many new beginnings. All praise be to Him.
I also got a chance to work on some character designs for many personal projects, tabletop games,and graphic novels, bunch of environment designs for a tabletop game.

I will help you create your original characters, anime character, robots, creatures, basically any kind of concept art and illustrations for your novel, tabletop games, PC games, etc. 

I might not read notes, for inquiries, please email me at:

The price is negotiable and definitely meets your needs, wants, and budget.
Look forward to work together on exciting projects with you!

Thanks and see you soon


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Commission: Keergan Concept
Done for Project Farsight by Lightfish Games

He's Jorag Kosh, kergan, ex-mercenary, combat specialist and security officer of the ISV Serendipity.

Kergans are a mighty and fearless race with reptile looks, herculean strength and a feisty temper.
Their homeworld, Ragash, orbits in a twin star system. This heavily influences the bodies and souls of the kergans. On one side obliging this race to develop a natural resistance to radioactivity through the thick layer of scales that cover their bodies, allowing them to dwell on the scorching landscapes of Ragash. While on the other hand led them to consider life with merciless predatory eyes. The days on Ragash are indeed marked by one sun chasing the other, in a fratricidal loop that serves as the ultimate confirmation of a life divided among hunters and preys.
Honor, meritocracy and ambition rule one of the most harsh and competitive societies of the renown space. Since their birth the Kergan citizens grow in a habitat of all-out competition, uncompromising punishment and archaic customs, often labelled as barbaric by other races. The natives of Ragash laugh with pride at such labels, knowing that “talk is cheap” and that respect was never denied to anyone who proved himself worthy to a Kergan.

Commission: Terran Concept

Done for Project Farsight

She's Mikaya "Mike" Mahanvari, terran (human), chief engineer and first officer of the ISV Serendipity.

Enterprising, ambitious and heterogeneous, humans are known to be proud and peculiarly adaptive. They are among the last races to have been incorporated in the interracial community of the stars. It didn’t take long before they got to know themselves for their explorative nature and their innate charisma, which ended up gathering some suspicious looks.
Careless of these doubts, humans have nevertheless proven to be powerful allies and clever teammates. Their society evolved in a thick multilayered web of political institutions, powerful corporations, scientific knowledge and philosophical open-mindedness; which constantly attracts a lot of alien species for it’s inspiring environment. This makes the human society probably of the most hospitable and interracial of all the known space.
Wherever they reach for, humans end up being a catalyst for change and an accelerator of revolutionary ideas. This hasn’t always been positive in the past, surrounding them with an aura of unpredictability.



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Vincentius Matthew
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What do you like to see the most in my gallery? Your response matters :D 

73 deviants said Scifi Characters, soldiers, superheroes
71 deviants said Scifi environments,cyberpunk cities, post apocalyptic stuff
42 deviants said Mechs, vehicles, spaceships
31 deviants said Creatures, aliens, monsters
21 deviants said Natural environments, mountains, forests, caves



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