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My Dream of World Peace

Philosophy in this picture:

Dove carrying a picture ribbon flags in the world, symbolizes the strong ties between the countries in the world under a single word of peace.

The blue eye symbolize the earth, while the light coming from the left represents the destruction of the world who are to proceed because there is no current union.

As a whole, this picture tells of a man who is dreaming of the coming "peace", in the middle of the current situation where there is no such word.
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Hi KM33!
I really really hope you read this and reply ASAP, I'm kind of on a deadline here xD
Our school exhibition is coming up and it has the theme of "World Peace" and I got assigned to the English section, and so, I have NO idea what to do. How the heck does English lead to world peace, and how am I supposed to express that with charts and models and stuff? I dunno. But I figure that I can just submit some art .-. We're not graded on this anyway.
Can I please, please, recreate your art? (I'm not good at art but yeah...) It's just so beautiful! I would of course give you credit (like write, "Art concept - "yourname" or anything you like)
You would forever have the appreciation of a desperate student.
Thanks again!
This is so beautiful. May I use this as my cover image for my email account? I shall credit it to you. 
hi this is such a nice wonderful photo. can i use this photo to be used with credit to you? thank you.
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that is one beautiful eye- brava!
Can I use this image as my cover image on my Facebook page? I love this picture and it represents who I am so perfectly! What an inspired piece!!!!
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Love this image! I would love to use this image in my 2011 People of the Book Calendar. It is three calendars in one: Jewish, Christian and Islamic calendars combined. The central theme of the images for 2011 is a desire for peace where there currently is not, and I think that this image shows this feeling very powerfully.

Please let me know if you'd like me to include this images in my calendar (as soon as possible) and how you could like me to accredit it to you (the wording and such).

Thanks. :)
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i'm sorry that i'm so late x x
wow that would be great ! do your offer still stand ? i'm so sorry for the late t.t
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Yes. Thanks for replying. How would you like me to credit you so I can add it to the image?

Thanks again. :)
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um,what am i supposed to write ? ^^ i never do this before.. i'm sorry
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It's okay. I added the following text: Vincentius Matthew copyright 2010, used with permission.

Thanks again. I really love this image, and I pray it will help inspire peace to all who see it in my calendar. :)
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okay =D
thanks again.. i do pray the same
hope i can get one of your calendar, miss =)
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The calendar is ready. You can check it out here: [link]

Let me know what you think. :)
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Nice work with Awesome concept behind it..
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Very pretty, I love your idea too <3 I really like the Flags. ... Idk its just really... Refreshing O:? I guess. -Favs-
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Great idea and great realization :clap:
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I Support You Matthew!!

Kok Lu Nggak Ngajak2 ada Contest Dari Wacom??
i Kan Jarang Online DeviantART, Waaahhhhh!
VincentiusMatthew's avatar
whaaa gw gatau bhwa u gatau !! oke2 laen x gw ksitau dahh ! xD

u juga klo ad lomba apaan gtu kstau gw yap! btuh duid x x
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Yo'i Saling Mengasih Tau Aja Bro .
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i love this :D
great job
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thankyou very much = D
ninbunnyachemist's avatar
yeps your welcomes :D

world peace has to begin somewhere why not on DA :D
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