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Forgotten Future

A weathered ship speedpainting to kickstart a wonderful day.

If you're seeing this, please take 5secs to get in touch with my instagram! Recently I've been wanting to make it more updated, as it's kinda low in traffic at the moment. I need you to make it happen x)…

your supports are appreciated!
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Terrific work Matthew!

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I love the light in this picture.

oh. my. goodness.

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This is beautiful!

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Wow! This piece actually blew me away. The colors really work here to provide great visual contrast throughout. If you don't mind me asking, did you use some photo bashing for the structure? I want to ask, since I like to draw everything by hand ( or learn how to ), but thought that photo bashing might work well when I improve more later down the line.

I am brand new at digital art and am curious how you compose pieces like this? certain instances like the trees and overall shape of some objects. What are the brush styles you mainly use??

This is amazing. Thank you for sharing!

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Dude, love this! Beatiful

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Wonderful artwork

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Incredible color-play.

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Awesome. Love the composition

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This is crazy good! How much time did it take you do finish this piece?

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Hi Thank you! was around 2 hours I suppose :)

haha nice try, now how did you make the portal to this place? we won’t tell

stunningly fascinating

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The illumination in the sky is really lovely~!

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Your Paint Are Awesome :clap:

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