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Deus Assassin



When 2 of my fave games collide :)
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This is an excellent mixture of the two games' design and staples. The Deus Ex "broken glass city" backdrop being altered to have the colours of the animus loading effects is quite nice as it makes it feel like AC art but have an element of DE: HR. The prosthetic limbs look like armour rather than a flexible but durable material one would wish for in a prosthetic limb. It would have added to the look if there was more clothing as assassin's often are supposed to blend in (Despite the white cloak) and the augmented assassin looks more like he is planning to run guns blazing into a shoot out. The chest looks as if he has no organic torso which seems odd at a glance, and it would be nice if it looked more like a combat vest and less like plate armour or a prosthetic torso. (Or as mentioned earlier, a coat) The blades look awesome, but they do give an omni tool look where as in DE: HR top of the line for blade augmentations was ceramics like Jensen's, but amazing looking none the less. When you look at this work it does inspire an idea of "What would this game be like" and it is rather wonderful thinking of it. This artist has quite a good way with science fiction art and more combinations like this would be pretty cool beyond doubt.