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March 20, 2021
Commission: Last Fleet Cover Art by VincentiusMatthew
Featured by phoenixleo
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Commission: Last Fleet Cover Art


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© 2020 - 2021 VincentiusMatthew
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dpcdpc11's avatar

Beautiful shot! Absolutely wonderful, lighting and color are perfect. Congratulations :)

Theeartistkid's avatar

A late congrats on the dd!

the entire fleet now swallowed by the darkness

Merlavt's avatar

Eldritch rules

magigrapix's avatar

I love epic sci-fi imagery.

Tinselfire's avatar

When space is too small to hide.

pernigatr's avatar

I will tell my grandkids this was 2020

artard8050's avatar

Actually I find this picture to be a lot more exciting than 2020.

pernigatr's avatar

That's precisely why i'm telling it to my grandkids

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

You could make an entire epic space opera out of whatever's going on here 😊

LindArtz's avatar

Nice work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!

BrutalityInc's avatar

Looks like a fleet of ships exiting the Warp, fleeing from its Daemonic inhabitants.

JEart94's avatar
zodiac36gold's avatar

A last escape attempt from the enemy... by going right into the enemy?

Or is it a last attempt to escape from a dying universe towards a new place by going into the maws of a wormhole?

I really like this.

fireytika's avatar

Woaaa this is so artistic...

The way you use pink and purple hues as the black hole is fantastic and great idea...

Not only its makes it look more mysterius but also put beautiful balance on them

Kozub-Art's avatar

Your rendering, compositional knowledge, use of colors, and design skill speaks for itself in this piece. I just wanted to say you used those pinks / purples coming from the wormhole very well. Not only does it serve as a grounded focal point, but it adds a good sense of mood and provides emphasis to those ships by bringing them out more.

Overall, nice work man

Soulslayer317's avatar

That is no ordinary wormhole

Nefelem's avatar

Awesome image! I'm guessing hyperspace in that story is of the demon-filled, terrifying variety

akbrodey1's avatar
HelpmeIsuck's avatar

I would like to enter in that wormhole dude it looks fantastic

Siansaar's avatar

Now that's what I call a wormhole.

BriMerry's avatar

Wouah great job!

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