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A week holiday finally :)
Dead Space and mass effect inspired
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This is a well thought out and designed piece. The armor structures and shaping are very well lined out and they flow together well. The main characteristics, like the helmet, follow (as you have said) a Dead Space-like pattern. I love the coloration and shading, and overall this is a very intriguing piece.

As a hardcore Dead Space player, I can say that if this armor was in the game, I would wear it constantly. The design gives the character a commanding presence, and it fits perfectly. Not only that, but the added layering and the way you have created the piece give a very unique and interesting spin on the armor, which I have rarely seen done as well as this (with Dead Space concept art).
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This is an amazing piece. Your understanding of the human figure, specifically the human male, is very strong. This is strengthened even more due to the relationship of the proportions of the various pieces of the suit to the subject's natural body. The extensive amount of details on every single inch of the subject and his suit is awesome. I can definitely see elements from Dead Space and Mass Effect 3 in this piece; in addition, I see qualities usually present in concept art for the Halo franchise. It is plain to see that you are capable of presenting powerful and interesting artwork in a very creative way, and I hope that your skills become even greater in the future. Keep up the good work!
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Amazing detail, it actually looks like one of those video games sketches for what it is going to be, I believe you have a wonderful gift, I think (if you don't have one already) you might have a shot with amazing video game companies like Bungie, Bethesda, or Ubisoft. This artwork actually reminds me of some sci-fi games like Halo or Destiny, I really like the digital detail put into it. I like that it is proportional to a human body and that its realistic.,I think that you also did a good job on the weapons and torso, it really pops out with detail.
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looking for artists ,writers and video makers for a kickstarter super villain comedy.
This would work for a Centurions remake and reboot. Or maybe just the show Reboot.

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Suit or Robot.
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The figure modeling is perfect, and that weapon looks ferocious!
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:jawdrop: This is truly amazing!!!!
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I hope you are doing this for a living you are talented. AWESOME BADASS!
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I'll keep my distance
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This is easily the best mechanical suit concept art I've ever seen. PLEASE keep up the great work.
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I see the Dead Space in this one too. :)
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that is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wink/Razz Wink/Razz Pervy Sweatshirt 
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My only concerns, and this is from a design standpoint, are the forearm and shin areas. This is just some personal OCD (The artwork is amazing), but those two areas seem slightly off-balance with the rest of the piece. Like, maybe if you had slimmed them down a little, it would have flowed even better than it already does.
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i would buy this suit in Dead space XD with REAL MONEY
I had finally hit rock bottom this came at perfect timing for me this showed that money is power I had to share this with someone
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hm... mass effect and dead space inspired huh... ISAAC SHEPARD!!! But all jokes aside, this is a really neat armour design. :)
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this looks badass.. :wow:
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