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The Martian

Photo study from movie screenshot.
I saw The Martian couple of days ago, really great movie (one of the best sci-fi movies in my opinion)! Hope you like it :)
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No one human character didn't die in the "Martian" novel.
I like it.

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This is the scene where the airlock blows out and freezes the spuds?  I think I would have pulled my helmet off right then and there!  The movie's good, but you definitely need to read the book.  The movie only covers about a quarter to a third of the book.
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Thanks man! I will check it out! 
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You're quite welcome!  Enjoy!
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This is amazing just like the movie!
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I just loved the movie! I did get teary eyed many times.
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Yeah, It's a great movie
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I read the book quite recently after waiting long enough to forget the movie. 
The artwork for this is amazing. You've done a fantastic job. It really reminds me of the book a lot, mostly because I forgot a lot of the movie, and it reminds me of some of the most unique parts of said movie/book. I love that he grows potatoes. 

Godspeed, little taters  
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Thank you, I would love to read a book sometimes. Movie is great and book is probably much better!
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I believe so! It is so pleasant to be able to understand more of what he is doing without being overwhelmed. 
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In your face Neil Armstrong. LOL
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hehehe, great movie :)
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Man..that's sad that all of his potato farm got destroyed in mars atmosphere
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yeah, poor potatos :(
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very cool ... gotta see this movie
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Thanks, movie is awsome :)
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One of the most emotionally charged moments of the film! You did a great job on this study!
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Yes, It's very intense. Thanks a lot!
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Even though this is just a study, the shapes and strokes placed here give it a nice finished composition. :clap:
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