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Majora's Moon

Update: It's finally available for print! So i you wish to hang it on your wall, you now can!…

Update 2: now available in QHD wallpaper size! Enjoy :)

No Marjora's Mask for 3ds this E3?? Shame on you Nintendo! 

Anyway, here you go! As promised, a more refined version of the Moon :) Hope you like! (i know it's not a very likeable topic hehehe, better luck next time Link!)

More here!…
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Incredible artwork! A wee bit terrifying, though that's to be expected.

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I remember listening to a song on YouTube with this image. The image is the only thing I remember about the song, so I've been looking for it ever since. Anyway, beautiful art. Love it. : )

The song was probably deleted. : |

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No. It wasn't that. It was a dubstep song and I'm not sure if it was even a song linked to Majora's mask. It probably was, but I'm pretty sure the video was deleted.

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The Moon looks just as terrified as the people must be.
grievousvsdarkahsoka's avatar
me at 3am trying to get a slurpee at Mac's
You have met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

You shouldn't have done that.
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Damn what a terrifying sight Hold Me I'm Scared V2 
Eek! Scary!

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Instagram brought me here. EXCELLENT WORK!
hyenacub's avatar
Annnnd there's my new nightmare.    I effing love this picture!
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I LOVE THIS!!! Extraordinary Vincent! 
QT-DespTH's avatar
Wow that looks awesome.
Can I make a Flipnote version but of the moon only? 
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Creepy and awesome at the same time, just like the game (I didn't even play Majora's Mask, but I know it is a great game and I want to play it)
Luigifan18's avatar
Hey, could I put this image on the Dungeons and Dragons Wiki for an epic spell I designed? I'll give you full credit in the upload log.
Vader2222's avatar
I keep seeing this everywhere online
oh i remember that moon lol, it was pretty freaky.
Absolutely gorgeous!
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I had this as my wallpaper for so long! I'm glad I found who did it. Really well done!
TheTimeTraveler's avatar
The catastrophie we narrowly avoided. Nice job. ^_^
Vasilivros's avatar
I don't eve like the games, but this is just too epic
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