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Just to inform you that I'm currently taking part to a contest.
This is a contest organised by Local Motors in partnership with Shell.

So to support me you can vote for my entry HERE

ILBA - Video by Vincent-Montreuil
I have also made a video to explain my project, there is everything about the concept.
So I hope you will like it !
Don't hesitate to tell me if everything is comprehensible, any suggestions or comments are welcome :)

Thanks to all !

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Hello everybody,

First of all I wish you all my best wishes for the New Year.

It makes a moment that I haven't give any news, I've been pretty busy recently.

For the new, I'm GRADUATE!
I even got my degree with honors and I am now a "professional designer", a preview here : College Exhibition

However, the bad new is that I'm now unemployed.
Because since, I finished my internship at Touring Superleggera in Milan > no possibilities
And after that, I was almost taken at Ariel Motor (I went to an interview in England)

But that's not counting on my plan for this year !!!

And that's where you come in !
Because from now, I'll be more active than ever on Deviantart.
So I'll post my work and I need your help to comment or to choose.
Ready for the challenge?

Thanks to all of you!

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Here we're, I begin my 5th and last year. It remains me 6 months of courses and then 6 months for my graduation internship. So during the next 6 months, this will be non stop and lots and lots of work. So, I'll try to share this with you and make you discover some new projects that I will present for my portfolio.

Thanks to all for your support, your feedbacks and your attention.
A great thanks to all.

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Here are various artists that I have selected to share with you their work.
These artists haven't a lot of visits and I think their work and their talent deserves to be seen by the community.
You can discover these artists with different artistic visions: digital painting, concept art, photography, graphics ...
I let you discover their work.

Vincent Montreuil

Deviant who have featured my  work

Featured artists
Subject :

Message :
Hi, I'm …
I contact you because I just featured your profile in my last journal. I chose you because you have some interesting works in your gallery which deserve to be seen by the community. Through this journal I hope that new people can enjoy your work. :)

The link to my journal : replace by your link

I have created this journal in order to can share with others the work of these artists, whose you form a part. Now I hope you will take over, it's your turn to share. ;)


Firstly this chain system ensures that the more you will share the more people will look at you. ;)

For this you just have to make a journal and notes.
It takes a few minutes, but it allows a real artistic exchange within the community.

:bulletblue:     Select few artists that you particularly like and which deserves more attention (friends, random deviants ...). At least 3, but you can chose as many deviants as you want ;)
:bulletblue:     Create a new journal named « PROMOTE AND SHARE ART »
:bulletblue:     Explain quickly the concept or simply express what you want to say or even follow this example…
:bulletblue:     Always in your journal make a title « Deviants who have featured my work »
:bulletblue:     In the note you have received, there is a link that leads to the journal in which you are featured. In this same journal there is the title "Deviants who have featured my work."
:bulletblue:     Copy / paste this list of avatars and insert it in your journal (click on the avatar, copy his username and use this for the page setting of the avatar)

:bulletred:       Don’t forget to add your avatar to this list.

:bulletblue:     Create a new title « Featured artits »
:bulletblue:     Put the list of deviants that you have chosen (to share their work)
:bulletblue:     When you preview your journal, it should looks like this…

In order to properly lay out your journal, here the link for the HTML script on Deviantart

:bulletred:      You can submit your journal.

:bulletblue:     Now, in order that the sharing process continue, you must send a note to each of your featured deviants.
:bulletblue:     Here an example of note…, you are free to change the text ;)
:bulletblue:    It must contains :
   . The link to the journal you just created
   . The link to this journal…
   . The link to this journal…

A great thanks to all of you.
Don’t forget to share ;)

I hope the best for you
Vincent Montreuil
:bulletblue:   CONCEPT
I have noticed that many people with beautiful artistic achievements had little visits. Their efforts and talent are so poorly rewarded.
That's why I developed a system for discovering new talent.
It's a chain system as we can see frequently on the Internet, but here there is no profit or any other interest.

The goal is simply to promote and share art

.   To give rise to new talent
.   Discover new artists and deviations
.   Enjoy new art forms ...

:bulletblue:   HOW TO SHARE…

I hope that this will be useful for many people.
And remember, more you share and more people will look at you ;)

« The miracle is this : the more we share the more we have »
   Leonard Nimo

I hope the best for you
Vincent Montreuil
From today I will present you some images of my last short school project.
The brief was to create a vehicle for a new ecologic user experience.
I have chosen to make an ecological submarine which will explore the abyss during several months thanks to the ocean streams.
I let you discover this project through the images, hope you will like it ...
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From today I have decided to present one of my team project named "BMW HP Kunst"
The last update of this project was this one : (do you remember !!!)…

A short description of the project :
The "BMW HP Kunst" is an hydrogen motorbike concept which represents the ecological vision of the future motorbikes. It really acts as a technological showcase with all the apparent hydrogen technologies. This is an exclusive model which is positioned in the HP range of BMW Motorrad, it combines the player temperament of the supermotard and the sportivity of a roadster. In terms of style, the whole spirit of BMW Motorrad is transcribed with dynamic and sculpted lines, an apparent technicality and a work of asymmetry on the entire motorbike.

So, from tomorow, I'll post new images of the final concept each days during this weeks (I precise that the project is finished since the 8th july 2009).

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you this next days to talk about this motorbike... :)
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That makes a moment that I haven't come on DA because I enjoyed the holiday !!!
And there, what do I see ? more than 10,000 pageviews. Unbelievable.
I will like to thank everyone who have visited my gallery and seen all my creations. And thank you for all these comments and feedbacks.
And special thanks for all who have loved my last concept : Spaceship Ferrari.
Thank you to you all. ;)

PS: Now I'm in internship in Paris with Sacha Lakic, the guy who made the Venturi design. :)
All is in the tittle. ;)
Thanx for all who have seen my gallery, left me some comments and gave me interesting feedback. Thanx
This is a short video of my last project : a new seaplane for the Schneider Trophy.
The video is just a small travelling of my concept.

Video :……
The website's students of my school is soon going to close. Before I posted all my works on it, but it's no longer available. The community of deviantart is wide and varied and there is also a lot of experimented artist. That's why it's now my favourite website to expose all my works ...