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Tutorial - Quick Rendering

Tutorial - Car rendering - Photoshop CS5 (1h)
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That is great but you hadn't really described how to exactly do it but i still love how you managed to make an awesome tutorial that people would like and love! So the tutorials you make are very useful for people who hadn't done much in PS but in the same time they might get lost because you didn't put much description in these.
Though some people who are used to photoshop will 100% know what you mean and will do this correctly but for beginners the tutorial would be difficult to get as you described too small amount of.
But you should make one tutorial each week so that people will get more into Car modding and modelling in PS.
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i don't get how u ppl make the sketch in gray values and then make them color, dunno how to make it in PS...
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Just paint with blue with a new layer with a color fusion for example !
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:) didn't get what's that color fusion but thnx for the tip i'll search for it...
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Color blend mode. It takes the value of the underlying layer, so it's best if it's gray, and colorizes it with the color you paint on it. Also you can use the brush tool's own blend mode property, set it on "color" instead of normal, and have fun.

The best way too see the values is doing initial drawing in grayscale. Have fun :)
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oh :D i finally got it, thnx C: i'm a total newbie in PS i just draw, i don't use PS's effects, and now i just installed eng PS and found this trick, thnx a lot, it's more interesting and easy now...take care...
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nice one vince, easy and simple to undesrtand....
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First begin by a single sketch...


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ahaha, just kidding.

I was just trying for a your-simple-sketch-is-already-awesome sort of praising joke, but I guess I blew it :P
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Your work make me without words. I like to work like you. Some day.
BTW, this are your own design, rigth?
Greethings ^__O
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Let me guess: Is it a BMW concept?
Vincent-Montreuil's avatar
Sure, you're right ! ;)
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This is very useful! Thanks for making this tutorial :dance:
Nice, thanks!
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the pleasure is for me !!
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Nice and simple tutorial!
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Nice workflow. Very methodical and well thought out. The results that you achieve with it off course speaks for itself.
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Thanks for your comment :)
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