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Superyacht Final 06

Boat Design Workshop - 4 days
Photoshop CS5
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In the world of boat concepts, there are some pretty wild designs. This one takes that to a new level with a bizarre hydrofoil design that looks like something out of a one-off sci-fi movie. And that's a good thing. Doing away with such trivial things as a hull that touches the water, adding a supercar cockpit, knife - like bow, and side vents, and keeping classic yacht touches such as expanses of teak before the captain and smooth sheet metal and glass make this a visually striking design that you know you absolutely need. It doesn't matter that it almost certainly would't work in real life; the piece is a striking design that need only exist in itself.
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Thank you for your critique ;)
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Absolutely amazing! Great idea and beatiful model. Really eye catching, and original design
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Love it ... Really amazing design.
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ship or boat hahaha
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awesome design bro
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Simply stunning. I love your concept :) The image came out beautifully. A great combination between simplicity and detail.
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I appreciate your comment !!! :)
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Very interesting work dude, still its incredible design for this kind of product there must be something to else more functional to the design. Just my opinion. Once again incredible work, bravo!
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I understand your comments.
But it's a project made in only 4 days (sketchs, ideas, rendering), so we can't thinking of all the details ;)
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4 days, dude this idea deserve spending some more time. Great work for four days!
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To be more precise, the project was going on 3 weeks. But at the same time we had our main project and our courses. So in definitive I have spent just 4 days for this project (4 days & nights ;))
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This is brilliant! Now I want to design a yacht. :3
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If I was rich this would be the yacht I'd pay to have built for me.
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I love the render of the Superyacht in action in which it looks as if it’s heading towards a destination. The design and details are super impressive :D
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beautiful work! a very sleek shape evoking the ease and speed with which the boat slices through the water. Not only is the design great, but the technical painting skill is great!
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I appreciate your comment. Concerning the painting, approximatively 2-3h.
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Good work.
Just one suggestion: maybe a human in the render brings a better proportion of the scale.
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You're right !!!
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Wow! I want one!
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