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Spaceship ferrari

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This is my personal short project which i work on today. I post this deviant for ask which one you prefer and if you like some details...

Here is a tutorial : 

My first tutorial by Vincent-Montreuil
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Beni79's avatar
I would go from the F1 car to the nr.5 awesome ship! :)   the nr.3 is also nice. ;)
wolfeyesglow's avatar
I love #1 and #5, get your investor's lined up, it won't be too long before they build them good work keep it up.
Daleduc's avatar
that would be cool.
cjlashawn's avatar
cool design bro.
They all look awesome. If I had to choose I would say 3. But I'm happy with a world that has all of them in.
HEYLLER's avatar
awesome work ^^
┌─┐ ─┐
│▒│ /▒/.
raph10's avatar
wtfff?its really strange... but, if i need choose. i choose, hmmmmm... number 5 or number 0, the original ferrari f1
Isaiastheplaneguy's avatar
id choose the ferarri tho
Isaiastheplaneguy's avatar
Ya'now In soviet Russia there's no need for this. They have spoons instead.
Teslarossa's avatar
ferrari dildo racers
likethebossiam's avatar
Wow! I like design 2 the best. I am still a huge fan of the current f1 cars. :)
Xadrik-Xu's avatar
ANx3h's avatar
"The Hyper-sonic Formula 1"?
MASCH-ART's avatar
Super Picture and a good design, very nice :) (Smile)
cibazoll's avatar
This looks amazing! :)
RandomPedestrian114's avatar
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