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BlindViolinist's avatar
Awesome work! Could I possible use this for a RPG? Of course I will give you credits and link it back to your profile :)
Bigjack66's avatar
Awesome! Always been a fan of these type of games and these are some great ship designs!
runewuff's avatar
Good design, looks possible. Maybe someday...
maxapeman's avatar
awesome, very beautiful. 
Altrunchen's avatar
This has got to be one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time O.o
Creative-ids's avatar
I have to buy one
egmus's avatar
great work and design...i like these concept designs of antigravitational vehichles much more than any other spacecraft like vehichles.near future maybe we can see these vehichles...
NJWDesigns's avatar
Hey vince, i was wondering if you could give me some advice on concepting to the standard of you!
drumm3rb0y's avatar
omertist's avatar
wonderful complicated work
Vincent-Montreuil's avatar
:), what do you mean by complicated ?
omertist's avatar
i mean open-closed wing, this mind, ok ? :) ;) congrats nice works
ForeverZeroDragon's avatar
This is the future. Remember me Flight of the Navigator movie, in some way :p
Vincent-Montreuil's avatar
Thanks to you, I don't know this movie, I need to see it ;)
ForeverZeroDragon's avatar
It´s cool, but It´s an old movie :P
flaketom's avatar
OH my, that is absolutely amazing! Great form, great rendering!
Vincent-Montreuil's avatar
Thanx to you, have you seen this illustrations ?
:thumb175802030: :thumb175665097:
flaketom's avatar
mo problem, haven't seen em will have a look
james007bond35's avatar
Absolutely amazing work. Congratulations
Feyyore's avatar
*Gasps* oh my that is amazing hehe.
carlosRIV232's avatar
desigining a powerful compact reactor to fit in the required space even in fiction is an enormous challenge.
Vincent-Montreuil's avatar
I don't exactly understand all your comments ! (sorry, explain)
carlosRIV232's avatar
just thought on vheicles, random at time but related to the inside of the vehicles. the blood and guts
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