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Love the detail and the concept along with the design.
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is the width and length is the wrong way round ?
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one question: how much? :)
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wonderful mind and work congrats
Vincent-Montreuil's avatar
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i didnt see the aft section, looks like a big thruster, powered by plasma and one of my microfusion powerplants this could work. at least in fiction.
Tjpower11's avatar
Damn fine job.

Looks stupid fast! Great work!
viejo12's avatar
Wait... 2056 km/h... and no windshield?
doesn't the impact with the ambient's air kill you at that speed?
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really love this red races of your.
Hi great work! what program did you use to make this?
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Modeling : Alias Studiotools
Rendering : 3DS Max - Vray
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Super Cool, i can see the futuristic ferrari. :)
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CAN i design something along its lines
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heheh , you should show it to Schumacher ( [link] ) or even ask it about new site :P
Vincent-Montreuil's avatar
great idea and i'm also calculting an animation
Naviretlav's avatar
Do you need music or special fx for animation ?
I can create something for you.
Vincent-Montreuil's avatar
Why not, it will ba great. Something that inspires the race, the speed ... ;)
Naviretlav's avatar
I should start making music now , or wait for video, for best Audio/Video synchronisation ?
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