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Fast Attack - In Action


Fast Attack : Gravity Concept
Contest : Concept World

Software : Photoshop CS5

It's a gravity vehicle concept that moves in levitation.
It looks like a car for all the central part and in order to levitate, we can see on the sides, those sort of wings that generate the magnetic force. For the style and the personalization, wings can take different forms. The vehicle is also equipped with a shield that activates when enemy fire.

This illustration shows the vehicle in action. He speeds up at full speed on the facades of buildings to escape his pursuers who have opened fire.
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
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First off, let me just say how absolutely breathtaking this piece of artwork is. Now, I am not too great at giving incredible critiques, but I will comment on a piece that I think is worthy of attention. This piece has truly caught my eye. For one thing, how could anyone miss the tilted angle that draws the viewer right into this futuristic world? And the glow in the headlights and the use of cool colors really brings the piece together as a whole. They really fit well. The design of the car, as anyone could tell, fits perfectly with what seems to be like a futuristic type setting.
This picture has beautiful graphic imagery, and it quite frankly, is pretty memorizing.
Wonderful job!
To this day WaterFlame - Lightspeed still remains my favorite song.
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whos seeing this in 2700?
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Reminds of WipEout 2048! Awesome work. :D
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you, my friend have achieved the waterflame award!!!
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I could use this design as my next tattoo. may I use this, my friend?
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As a tattoo, original ! :)
Yes you can
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Aweeeesome, man. :D
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need for speed just got an upgrade=)
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To much NFS :P
Well, if i have to be honest, I don't feel the SPEED. I don't know why, but this vechicles looks... statical.
Of course, this pic is still awesome, the idea of riding on the sides of buildings... realy interesting.
I think, your car design is just like too much awesomeness in one place, but this pic... too fast. I can see some oversights. For example - this man on the right. Its just impossible dor him to shoot to this car. It will break some perspective rules.
But still...
I looooove your art!!!

ps. Sory for mah engrish
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This piece is so awesome that I'm having trouble thinkin up a funny/witty comment. How come it doesn't have like a gazillion favs? :O
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another amazing piece !!! breathtaking ! the colours, perspectives, details,...
i Want a car like that.

Amazing piece of art !
i really like it, i've always been a fan of science fiction this is just haven for me!
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looks like a vehicle that should belong in the game BLUR. its too cool for words dude. its a fucked up world right now that we dont have these things insted of the crappy gas powered slugs that we drive in this current stated of a hell hole.
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This is simply awesomeee!!! I love all of it! The idea, the design, the colors, everything!!! Well done! :D
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