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I can't help it, I'm in a pterosaur phase. Blame Drawdinovember ;)
*DISCLAIMER: I am not a paleo artist nor am I trying or claiming to be. So the exploration of sexual dimorphism, displays, crests, wattles, patterns, etc etc are purely speculatory.
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:D (Big Grin) Well "I can't" blame you. Pterosaurs are awesome! :happybounce: Their anatomical features make them more unique than any common reptile (both living and extinct).  
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This looks great. Paleo art needs speculation.
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What a strange head :O
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So cool! Saw this guy in Winton's new pterosaur book!
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James Cameron's avatar based on truths ! :D
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I like that you've captured it as it's taking off! Most representations of this depict them taking to the air like some kind of sea bird, but I really like that you're taking into consideration the evidence that pterosaurs catapulted themselves into the air with the forelegs. :)
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Excellent job on this very cool pterosaur! :)
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I really like the colours of this one, reminds me of some kind of bird. Pelicans? Can't put my finger on it.
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Wow! This is great:D
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Woah, awesome! Now I want to draw some pterosaurs! 
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They are a lot of fun to draw for sure. 
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This is fantastic!! I really like the sense of motion and the color scheme. Keep it up! These are super fun! 😀
I love how pterosaurs fly :D
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This is awesome!!!
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Ahh yes! This one is much better than the other :D (Big Grin) Good to know you're studying them well. Sorry to be a dick the last time I'm very passionate about this.
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You're really getting better with those! :D

First time I see one launching from shallow water that close!^^
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ich denke eher es 'rennt' durch das flache Wasser =/
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Nay, Flugsaurier starten über Quadlaunching, was weitaus effektiver ist, als von den Hinterbeinen aus abzuheben, wie bei Vögeln. Dabei nutzen sie ihre Arme, um sich in die Luft zu katapultieren……………
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Ich Dummerle :I
danke für die Links, das ist sau interessant!
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Wissen die meisten  außerhalb der Nische  nicht.^^
Fynn-Bernsteinwolf's avatar
hab eben aufgehört Dinos zu studieren als die Pubertät kam, und die hat sowieso nochmal das Gehirn durchgespült :shrug: 
Im Endeffekt hätte ich glaube ich dabei bleiben sollen, hätte probieren sollen Archäologin zu werden, jetzt hock ich in der Kunst und weiß jetzt schon das mein Kram nicht außergewöhnlich genug ist um allein davon zu leben....
knarf selbst als Laborantin hätte ich eh nur Scheiße gebaut.
jaaa ich hör hier mal auf, weil das nicht unter das Bild gehört =/
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