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Ribbon long



The ribbon long inhabits the upper a mid layers of a gas environment. A large bladder aids them as they writhe and slither through the atmosphere. Ribbon long females carry their egg sacks at the base of their tail. These sacks are filled with hundreds of fry.  Upon hatching the fry are abandoned by her but are fully capable of fending for themselves. For the first years of their lives the nearly microscopic fry will cluster together, feeding on other microscopic edibles.  A vital stage of a Ribbon long’s life is the metamorphosis. 

 It will build a cocoon of plant matter as well as produce a thick slime which will solidify into sheets of malleable "paper." During this time of development the cocoon will grow with the long, ever expanding to encompass the developing fry. Once abandoned this cocoon will be used by hundreds of different organisms as a home and food source.

This metamorphosis, while primarily for the ribbon long’s growth, will also determine if it will emerge predator or prey.

Ribbon longs come from a rare order of self-sustaining predator/prey relations. This dictation is effected environmentally. Depending on where in the atmosphere the long is developing, Longs will either emerge as filter feeding omnivores or cannibalistic carnivores. Few will survive the decent but if a cocoon drifts to the hotter lower regions of the atmosphere the fry will emerge carnivores. It will feed nearly exclusively upon its omnivorous brethren. It’s mouth parts and overall appearance only slightly paying homage to its prey as it is now adept for a different way of life.

Carnivorous Ribbon longs are unable to reproduce. During development the sex organs are neglected as other vital organs are tended too, this is believed to be a result of the drastic temperature change in the environment.  While capable of reaching the mid and lower layer of the atmosphere carnivorous ribbon longs are too heavy to reach the upper layer. 

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The egg sac on her tail looks like a wraith