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Jersey Devil

This was another Sketch dailies theme. I'm not entirely sure if I like the overall design or not but I think it is pretty close to the original description of the fabled beast. 
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Looks awesome!! I like his nub-arms.
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this is what the producer looks like for Jersey shore 
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Nice. Like the more dragon/dinosaur-like appearance over it's usual devil-like one. 
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Love it! What's that coming out of its mouth?
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So awesome! I just love how the proportions make no sense, it works really well with the design! Great work V4m2c4!
Vincent-Covielloart's avatar
thanks! I'm glad you noticed the wonky proportions. It was a deliberate design choice. I kind of liked that about the original drawings of the jersey devil. It gives it a slightly unearthly, "doesn't belong here" glow mixed with some level of realism. 
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better than the usual interpretation.....
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thanks, I'm glad you think so!
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dnrhfkendhdkwnsndndmfgffnzviw (speechless)
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Love it!
And I find it funny that a friend and I were talking abiutbthe Jersey Devil last night. Haha
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