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Gandrill and Cacoill



Gandrills are robust, highly territorial, omnivores. Completely blind Gandrills rely on their highly sensitive sense of smell and the use of electro receptors, found on their lower jaw. Digging their snout into the ground they are able to pick up subtle vibrations of subterranean morsels. Then using their powerful forelimbs they can quickly and efficiently dig up their prey. Both males and females are equipped with two forearm barbs, while both sexes use them for defense males also use them for courtship. Their forearm bards can grow quite impressive in size. Being blind Gandrills communicate in a highly sophisticated mixture of pheromones and electro-fields. 

Males will release a mixture of these to attract both male rivals and females. Females will pick a proper mate solely based on pheromones. As victor males release a specific scent.  Though defeated males and even younger males have been know to mimic these scents to trick females. In response, females completely cloak themselves, pharamonally, in order to pick the true victor. She will mate with him and raise the chick by herself. The black protuberance on this female’s underbelly is in fact a developing chick. She will birth a tiny embryo that will race to her nutrient glands, from where it will attach itself and feed. The chick will begin to produce a thick carapace where it will continue to develop and grow protected form the elements and predators or at least most.

The Cacoill is a brood parasite. It is another blind communicator of scent and electo receptors. The Cacoill will render itself invisible to the Gandrill. It will then using its long ova receptor plant its clutch into the Brooding carapace of the Gandrill. There is chicks will develop, safely,  feeding on the Gandrill chick. Once fully developed the chicks will abandon their host. Though if the Gandrill realizes her brooding carapace has been compromised she is able to causes the shell to deteriorate, exposing the parasites to the elements destroying the brood. The developing Gandrill chick will then begin to develop another brooding carapace. 

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