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Dragon mounts

dragon heads!
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They look like the would be in the movie Avatar!!!(Blue people not last air bender)  so cool!
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Oh man that center dragon has such a beautiful, interesting design.
These are all great but that one in particular really stands out.
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Some of these are terrifying, some are adorable... Bust they're mostly just adorably terrifying.

Seriously, though. If creativity could be a job by itself, you'd be living somewhere in the Caribbean.
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Jace-Aeden-Acastes's avatar
I so love the diversity of the species. Amazing!
OntoGenesisGame's avatar
That's great! Unfortunately I wouldn't be able to pay you though... is that a problem on your part? 
OntoGenesisGame's avatar
Would you be able to do drawings of my character/monster designs? I think your work is amazing and it would be great if you could.
Vincent-Covielloart's avatar
thanks! I am available for commission work if you are interested.
Vincent-Covielloart's avatar
thanks, i'm glad you think so!
Adz6661's avatar
The top middle design looks more like a Kaiju from Pacific Rim :D That along with the rest look badass! Sweet work my friend
qwertyDesign's avatar
Spotted these on DesignTaxi…
So I shared on Twitter. Really great design with real character.
SonofHades90's avatar
Excellent work!! Love them all!
... and give us some more of these ;)
LTDragoonIII's avatar
They have some pretty cool faces.
Martin-Krieger's avatar
I love the departure from the typified dragon head you make with these. The obvious fish, arthropod, cephalopod, ect, make these very original and yet they still read as dragons. great work!
tshuki's avatar
These look amazing! Good work! *o* <333
lostkingdom's avatar
These are awesome!!!
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Ebervalius's avatar
Specially cool Gharial thing of the lower right!
Vincent-Covielloart's avatar
thank you he is one of my faves 
ArtKitt-Creations's avatar
Awesome! You combined animal heads with dragons...:D
naomim94's avatar
These are all gorgeous. I love the top middle one though, his markings are great and he looks really friendly, and kind of dopey - in the best possible way. Like a dragon-labrador. I also love the fish inspiration of the very middle one. Would he be partially transparent all over or just on the head/neck? The crocodillian one is amazing too - the colours are really unusual for something that in actuality would be really quite frightening. Anyway, excuse the gushing, I love them all Love 
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