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Alien Planet 2



Sentinel striders are the great adapters. While indigenous to the vista lakes they are capable and able to survive throughout most of the planets environments and will interchange regularly. A major factor for this fluidity is their equal opportunist feeding. Despite this all life begins in bodies of water. While nymph sentinel striders spend most of this stage under water they are fully capable of flight as well. These wings will later morph into raptorial arms and their “arms” will develop into legs becoming vertical walkers in adulthood.
Their luminescent abdomens communicate, an array of emotions, with color as does their skin. Such masters of color they can blend seamlessly with their surroundings.

Here is a better look at the guys seen in the Alien planet image. I'm not sure what I'll get to all of them but here is another. If your interested in seeing a spread sheet of their life cycle head on over to my tumblr-
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reminds me of Alex Ries