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Hammerhead Mermaid

Where have all the merfolk?! They're still here just hiding in plain sight.

(This was done as part of a 3dtotal web tutorial. Big thank you goes out to Rob over at 3dtotal for facilitating this)
Goetia Agares
Agares is the First Duke of the East and appears as a fair old man riding a crocodile while carrying a hawk. He is a teacher of languages, fetches back those who run away, and makes those who run stand still. He can overthrow supernatural and temporal dignities and can cause earthquakes. He is of the order of Virtues and oversees thirty-one legions.
Goetia Andras
Andras is a one of the Great Marquis of Hell. With a having a command thirty legions of demons he sows discord among people. Andras was considered to be a highly dangerous demon, who could kill the conjuring magician and his assistants if precautions were not taken. Andras is depicted as an owl headed angel riding a black wolf. 

Goetia Bune

Bune is one of the Great Dukes of Hell. 
He has the unique ability to change the position of the dead, from human to demon. 
He bestows the gift of eloquence,  wisdom and answers all questions truthfully. He also has the ability to bestow the sorcerer with good fortune. 

He is cited in many forms but typically appears as a three headed beast. One man, 2 serpents ( or griffin and Dog) 
Goetia Paimon
Paimon has become quite popular as of late due to the incredible film Hereditary. A mighty ruler of hell he rules over 200 legions of spirits, some of which being different orders of the angelic realms.
Typically astride his dromedary, loud trumpets precede him. Despite having the “appearance" of a woman Paimon is referred to using masculine pronouns. 
Imbued with the knowledge of all arts and secrets of the earth Paimon speaks truthfully on all questions posed to him. He can bestow titles and lordships, grant good familiars, devine the future, invoke spirits, reanimate the dead, flight and make all kinds of things and people appear on behalf of the magician. 


United States
Hello fellow deviantART members!
My name is Vincent Coviello and I have been drawing since before I could walk.
I love creating characters, creatures and worlds and hope to some day work in the game and film industry.
I am always up for commissions so if your interested contact me!
Hello Everyone,

I just want to send my thanks to all those who wished me a Happy Birthday!
I truly appreciate it. I know I've been MIA as of late (for anyone who has noticed) but I will try my best to do and post more often again.

Thank you again! 


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Happy birthday Vincent!
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Happy birthday!
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For he's a jolly good fellow...  for he's a jolly good fellow...

Cheerleader by CookiemagiKBoing! Boing! Headbang!birthday cake :headbang: by CookiemagiK :groove: revamp by Banjelerp :funnydance: by CookiemagiKParty :funnydance: by CookiemagiK:squee:Have your cake and eat it too:squee:Partybirthday cake Headbang! Woohooooo!

Happy Birthday, Vincent.
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Happy Birthday!
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master another year of awesomeness its here you have shared so much with all us ... in exchange of all the impressive help and inspiration for all us so i offer you a humble gift: a free birthday commission made by me so send me details via notes about what i will drawing for you!
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Happy birthday! :D
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Happy Birthday!
You make a wonderful work with your Goetia demons.
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