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Stylish is a stylish clean Design theme for GTK 3, GTK 2 and Gnome-Shell etc.
- GTK2 engine Murrine

Fedora/RedHat distros:
yum install gtk-murrine-engine

Ubuntu/Mint/Debian distros:
sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-murrine

pacman -S gtk-engine-murrine

2014/12/08 v0.1 
The first version
2014/12/13 v0.2
Add green and Orange version
2015/02/07 v0.3
Add support for gtk3.14 desktops (ubuntu15.04, gnome3.14 ...)
2015/02/08 v0.4
Fixed bugs:
1. Can't see wallpaper on gtk3.14 desktop
2. The windows control button preview color is white
3. Black background on ubuntu14.04 windows
2015/06/01 v0.5
FIxed bug: No background of ubuntu force quit window
Auto update
2015/11/03 v0.6
Support for gtk3.16 desktops(ubuntu15.10,gnome3.16...)
2016/04/27 v0.7
Support for gtk3.18 desktops(ubuntu16.04,gnome3.18...)

© 2014 - 2021 vinceliuice
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cool themes, too bad they're all completely unusable now.
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+ 1

I like this theme so much, that I reverted to 16.04, after I saw how it rendered in 16.10… No way I switch to another theme…

Please, please update it… La la la la Hug 
Hi, this theme is excellent, are you planing to update it to GTK 3.20? Thanks.
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Perfect job :)

thanks a lot for the update :)
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Hi there,

I love this theme very much and am actually setting it as default on all Linux boxes I install. Any chance to see it updated so that it fits in 16:04 as perfectly as in previous versions ?
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It's been a long time since the last time I update this theme, Sorry about that. and I think you will see the next version of StylishDark soon! I'm working on it.
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I would gladly do it myself if I could learn how to do it and where to start…
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Hi again,

Maybe you could point me to the entries I should amend for the (2 only) glitches I found in Ubuntu 16.04 (both in nautilus)

- padding in left-pane
- item "circled" instead of full backgroud

visible on this pic…

(sorry, could not create link)

Very nice theme, almost perfect to me. Especially like how you deal with the squares behind icons in the launcher (appear if active) and the application switcher (alt+tab). However one thing that really bugs me is the fat black line around the sidebar in LibreOffice (see here the difference in Ambiance & StylishDark: [the system think it's spam]). Would there be a way for you (or me personally) to fix this?
Thanks anyway for your work!
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Sorry I didn't notice that problem before, because I just use WPS instead of libreoffice. I'll check this and try to find a way solve this problem.
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Very beautiful theme! Looks very good on Ubuntu 15.04, and I pretty much appreciate that you included three different colour schemes. Keep up the good work!
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4/5 on linux mint, dont work fine with nemo.
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I don't have mint on my laptop,so I didn't test this theme on mint, sorry
Excellent work! Sadly, GTK 3.16 breaks some applications as expected, for example gnome-weather. I would appreciate it very much if you could fix this. Thank you very much for your time.
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I didn't update the GTK3.16 version, so this theme didn't support gnome3.16 for now
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This looks amazing.  Any chance for Xfwm support, please?
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I don't have xfce4 in my computer but I'll try. 
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Tested on Ubuntu 15.04 (v0.3) and is perfect, now unity launcher is lovely
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:D (Big Grin) I'm using ubuntu 15.04 too, if you find any problems on unity of ubuntu15.04 you can tell me, and I can test it and fix it the first time.
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