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Aswang: Guitar

The aswang is a Filipino monster ... and pictured here is a specific type, a manananggal: a woman who can split herself at the waist, leaving her lower half in some safe haven and then growing wings on the upper half to sail off and look for infants to devour.

Well, not a woman exactly in this case but a guitar ... an almighty Gibson SG. Well, the top half of one anyway.
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lol - cool! I would probably appreciate it more if I were more musically inclined - guitars all look the same to me :blushes: But the effect is great! :clap: Bravo! :iconbwavoplz:
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No problem. I'm a guitarist, and those of us who own a Gibson SG (which is what I drew) are kinda snooty about it. Anyway, I was going for cartoony. Thanks for the feedback!
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:iconblush--plz: My pleasure, sweetie :D