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VB SuperShaders Free CarPaint shader

Usage rights : Non commercial and commercial render ONLY. Not to be included as part of a product without proper permission. Not to be redistributed without proper permission.

Here you will find a VB SuperShader Car Paint to be used with Poser11 SuperFly render engine.
It's a simple car paint shader, but organized as a simple to use and easy to understand block in the material room :)
It's a different shader than the car paint shaders from the VB SuperShaders Vol.1.
© 2016 - 2021 vincebagna
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just out of curiosity, would these work at all in DAZ if loaded up? and then, what car models are these? they look amazing and would love to use the muscle car in a render, the little one looks amazingly cute too, fantastic image! :)

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Well they are specifically made for Poser so no they won't load at all in DAZ. I mean the files are Poser only. You could have the same shaders in DAZ because they are quite generic car paint shaders but you would have to build them by yourself in the DAZ shader tree.

Concerning the muscle car model, you can download it from there :

Browse this site to find other wonderful models :)

And thank you btw :D

woooohooo thanks for the answer, I have checked the linked website and unfortunately it doesn't work anymore the DL link, but I will try to contact the author if I find a way :) cheers!

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Thank you for these shaders I love the Green :)

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Very Cool!  Thank you much Vince!
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Outstanding - thank you!  I really appreciate SuperFly resources like this.
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Thank you! :)
And there are 2 sets of SuperFly shaders to come very soon at Daz ;)
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Will more of your other RuntimeDNA stuff eventually turn up at DAZ? Really regretting not having picked up Sunlight, in particular.
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Yes they should all come up there at the end. Don't know when exactly though.
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