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Techbase: Dhilani Leviathan
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Published: May 2, 2010
The gigantic Leviathan marks the peak of Dhilani warfare technology. With almost four miles from bow to stern this titan is the most powerful ship ever built within the Dhilani Armada. Leviathans are the command ships leading massive Dhilani battle groups with several carriers, troop ships and destroyers accompanying them.

Apart from its immense firepower the Leviathan is equipped with advanced shield technology allowing the ship to partially absorb enemy laser fire and transform into energy to power its own weapons.

Unfortunately, this peak in technology also introduced the eventual decline of the Dhilani space Empire - the fatal consequence of becoming too ambitious. In an attempt to invade the territory of the United Planets the Dhilani provoked a force and resolve thay hadn't anticipated. Abvoe Bricera they suffered their first true defeat - it would be the first of many.

Only a few days after its arrival arriving at Bricera and the ensueing attempt to conquer the planet the first of the three Dhilani flagships, the first Leviathan, was ambushed was destroyed by a massive UPMF fleet. The second, the Warlord, would follow two days later. Official sources tell that a fatal reactor overload had destroyed the entire ship from the inside. The third Leviathan - the Cyclops - would never see active duty. Still under construction at its construction site within the Charnali asteroid cluster it fell victim to a retaliation campaign by Briceran forces, later only known as "the Crusade".

- 180 heavy energy cannons
- 150 medium energy cannons
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