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Moondance - Flat Palm
By Vince-T   |   Watch
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Published: May 12, 2013
"A flat palm, swift and well placed is deadlier than any fist."
- Old Cha'Lynh proverb.
- Also code language for "Pound that area of space with the biggest meanest gun you find."


Shiromy was standing alone on the sinking island amidst the lake of fire. The flames around her had died away like a candle yielding to a gust of wind. It was over.
Not quite yet. Images flashed before her eyes; knowledge; premonitions of events to come. One last obstacle was to over come and it was probably the greatest yet.
Absolute darkness crawled across the land, as above them a something huge emerged from nowhere; lifting her gaze she looked at a huge dark mass, casting its shadow against the moonlight. Millions of tiny lights, arranged in destinctive patterns, covered its surface - pinpricks that further accentuated its enormous size. It was the Traquia. Her pulse took on pace and her muscles tensioned. Vince had kept word: Nothing would remain of the Brotherhood on this moon - not even the moon itself.

Whispers in her mind; Get ready! Then, right before her, almost fading in the darkness she noticed the blurry shape of another ship - much smaller - jetting across the far edge of the vast crater and racing towards her, closing in at high velocity, while above them something began to glow, bathing everything in an eerie blue light with just the slightest hue of cyan; a looming luminance that grew stronger every second.
The smaller ship was now almost there.


I realized I had never posted this here although it's been out for quite a while. Basically another snipped from my still-in-the-works Moondance comic, just before the firing scene posted earlier this year ([link]. Those who read the battle thread over at xwau know the scene alreedy, the rest of you, I'll just keep you drooling :D

Vince Trageton and Shiromy Gitann are OCs designed and developed by me. Their appearing in a Star Wars-related cross-over story.
The Traquia and the GTS-5000 Nighthawk wer designed and made by myself.
Star Wars is property of Lucasfilm Ltd which is property of Walt Disney now WTF.
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SlingBlade87|Professional Writer
Oh thank you, I've been thinking of continuing my own writing that was inspired by this verse of yours and then you post this!

Most excellent indeed!
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