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Calim VI: Gravity Sniper by Vince-T Calim VI: Gravity Sniper by Vince-T
Part 7 of the Calim VI series portrays what desperation, cunning and a complete and utter disregard of physical laws can accomplish :)

With the imperial reinforcements shielding the Interdictor a critical hit seems impossible, eben for the heavy Warhammer-class Cruiser 'Revan'.


"Sir, the Wrath reports shields down! And we've lost contact to the Venaru!"
At that point Connor made a decision. The Seraphim had bested a Star Destroyer by bold maneuvers and vicious tricks. ... he smiled as an idea sprung his mind.
"Break low!" He ordered. "90 degree descent, full throttle!"
"But that'll bring us on colission course with the planet!" Helm objected.
"Exactly." Connor said grimly. "Do it!" Hesitating the officer nodded and got to work. Outside the viewports he saw as space moved around them as the Revan's bow dropped towards the planet. With the planet's gravity pulling on them the massive ship lunged forward, too fast for the older Imperial Dreadnaughts to match.
"Wha ... we have a solution!" The weapons chief cried out. That was the message what Connor had waited for.
Once again the Revan's port side lit up and the two gleaming omega beams traveled through space, boring through the now unshielded interdictor like a spear through a deer. A massive explosion shook the ship and split it in half.
"The gravity field is gone, Sir!" With the report coming in, Connor was already at the comm.
"To all ships, retreat immediately!" Then he turned towards his helm. "Pull up and get us out of here! Activate secondary thrusters and get clear of the planet!"
The Revan rocked violently as its pulled up again and countless auxillery thrusters began fighting against the relentless gravity of Calim VI. This was going to be a close call. But at least up to this point it had worked.
"New contacts coming out of hyperspace!"


- Star Destroyer model by Matt Hodges, design and concept by Lucasfilm Ltd.
- Victory II Star Destroyer + Venator Destroyer model by me, design and concept by Lucasfilm Ltd.
- Predator Carrier, Warhammer Heavy Cruiser, Katana Frigate: Models and design by me, inspired by design traits from Star Wars
- Planet background captured with Google Earth (Mars, actually)


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