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Calim VI: Final Stretch by Vince-T Calim VI: Final Stretch by Vince-T
I'd ben wanting to post this for a while, but eventually forgot about it. This is basically the contiuing storry of the Battle of Calim VI.

Several hours after the events of the initial battle ESS and Imperials are driven to join forces in order to defeat a much greater evil, a splinter group of the ESS led by a crazed Sith Lord.

In order to win the battle, the joined forces provide a distraction while a small strike team in starfighters breaches the lines to board the enemy flagship and deal with the threat personally.


Vince gritted his teeth, as the new signals popped up on his sensors. Victory's were one thing, but Piranhas would pose a serious problem. The small fighters were the successors to the Vic2, fast, agile and extremely well performing. Their only flaw had been their costly production, which was why the UPMF hadn't produced them as massively as their more economic precursors. Bringing Piranhas into the fight meant they were taken deadly serious now. Around them he once again saw the Defenders and Avengers line up and race ahead to counter the new wave.
"Spectre Lead," he contacted them. "Concentrate on those Piranhas first. We won't be able to outrun them."
"Acknowledged, Phantom lead." Syphax confirmed. "We're on them."
His eyes narrowed. They were approaching a pretty crowded area with capital ships going at each other at point blank range. It was mainly Star Destroyer's from the Crown's battle group, brawling it out with the Dominance's foremost line of defense. Switching channel he contacted his squad. "We need to get out of open space. Split up and use those cap ships for cover. We'll hop from cruiser to cruiser. Their mass should make it harder for them to get a clear lock on us."
"For the Vics maybe." Darron argued. "But those Piranhas won't get thrown off that easily."
"The Spectres will take care of the Piranhas. After that, hopefully, we should be fine."
In the distance they beheld the flashes of green and blue light as the advancing fighters opened fire on each other. The Piranhas were swift to react so in the end only two of them fell to the initial attack, while the rest swarmed out and broke into dogfights with the Defenders - leaving the Phantoms all to the second wave of Vic2's.
"Alright, here they come!" Vince announced. Eventually the formation broke apart, as the eight fighters swarmed and drew close to the nearby capital ships. As he watched them scatter his computer picked up two Vics trying to get a missile lock on him. He tightened the grip on his yoke. Would those fools know who he was they'd not dare even pointing their nose at him. Time to teach them a lesson. Speeding up he delivered a burst of speed and raced forth, blasters blazing. One of the fighters was brutally hit by his DIP barrage, before the pilot could fire his missile. The other dumb-fired and broke off. With incomplete lock signature the missile missed Vince and trailed off - probably locking on to one of the nearby cruisers. With that Vince, too, made his way for cover. The closest ship to him was one of the Crown's Imperator IIs. Skimming dangerously low across the warship's surface older sensors wouldn't be able to differ him from the destroyer's hull, until he left his cover and flew into open space again. Enough time to gain distance.
"Heads up!" Mryna warned them. "I read three fishes breaking out and taking on pursuit.
"Spectre Lead." Vince announced. "You heard that?"
"Copy, Phantom Lead." Syphax acknowledged. "Six and Eight, get after those bandits before they reach Phantom."
"Negative, Lead." Spectre Eight objected. "I've got two on me."
"Same," Six added. "Those guys did a good job pinning us down!"
"I've got them." Darron cut in and in the corner of his eyes, Vince saw Darron's starfighter spin around to intercept the incoming Piranhas.
"What the ... Seven!" Vince called him. "Do not engage! We can still -"
"Negative lead." Darron rejected calmly. "I'm tired of running. Let's end this here!"
"Damnit, Seven, I said, no heroics!"
"Lead, Five" Mryna called in. "I've got his back. Proceed on course." Vince rolled his eyes. It was futily trying to talk her out of it. "For god's sake, Five, Six, Seven, engage those pursuers. But don't let them drive you into dogfighting, I want this done quick and clean."
"Copy, Lead." Darron said assuringly. "This'll only take a minute."
On his sensor screen he watched as the three fighters solved from the group and headed back towards the incoming Piranhas. This was it - the point where he could only hope and trust - that their skills would suffice against superior technology....


- Star Destroyer model by Matt Hodges, design and concept by Lucasfilm Ltd.
- Predator Carrier, Warhammer Heavy Cruiser, Dominance Battlecruiser Models and design by me, inspired by design traits from Star Wars
- Inferno II cruiser & Victory Mk2 Starfighter model and design by me

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YodaInASuit Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
Pure brilliance. Such an awesome picture. Keep up the good work! :)
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