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Calim VI: Enemy Reinforcements by Vince-T Calim VI: Enemy Reinforcements by Vince-T
Part 6 of the series. This one is actually an insert between part 5 and the original part 6, since I figured there was to great a discrepancy in time and events, sort-of cutting the logical flow. So here's the 'filler'

Despite the lethal strike by the Subjugator's Proton beam cannon the Seraphim did manage to gather enough energy to get the fold drive working again and warped out of the system.

The rest of the ESS fleet is less lucky: With the Interdictor present their normal hyperdrives won't get them out of the system. While the 'Furious' and 'Wrath' are still hunting down their renegade sister ship 'Flame of Etharin', things get even more complicated, when imperial reinforcements arrive.


"Sir, the Seraphim is gone." The sensor officer reported and Connor let out a sigh of relief. When the massive beam had hit the ship he had feared the worst. And yet this daring escape just matched what he had seen from the ship's commander so far. He dearly would love to meet the man someday. But right now there were more pressing issues. With the imperial reinforcements arriving getting through to the Interdictor had become somewhat complicated and since their work here was done, there was actually no more reason for them to stay any longer.
"Report from Berserker group!" Fighter control announced. "They have new enemy fighters inbound. The Vampires are trying to hold them off but it's too many!"
"Call them back!" Connor ordered. "They've done all they could!" For a moment he considered calling in the Redeemer and her group to come in from the other side and finish the job quickly, but that might rather be a waste of resources.

"The fighters can't get through to us!" The officer objected. "The enemy fleet blocks their escape path ... Sir, they've cut the channel."
"What?" Connor frowned and stepped behind the man, gazing at the the sensor screen. Beyond the imperial fleet the remaining five Reapers kept swirling around the Interdictor, dumb-firing their remaining warheads at the ship. By now the starship's shields had failed and the first generator had already imploded and had to be shut down to avoid the creation of a black hole. In desperation, and knowing they wouldn't make it out alive with that Interdictor around, some of the Reapers began to kamikaze-attack the ship. Soon though the remaining bombers were decimated as well.

"Bring us in a position where we can get a clear shot at that Dominator. But stay clear of those cruisers. Amassed as they are they might become a nuisance to us."
"They're matching our course." the officer growled in frustration, "they won't let us get a clear shot!"
"They can't match all of us!" Connor said. "Have the fleet scatter and aproach from different angles. and heights. If we can scatter them enough we may expose an opening to get the kill done!"


- Star Destroyer model by Matt Hodges, design and concept by Lucasfilm Ltd.
- Victory II Star Destroyer model by me, design and concept by LucasArts (I think)
- Predator Carrier, Katana Frigate and Warhammer Heavy Cruiser: Models and design by me, inspired by design traits from Star Wars
- TIE Vampire: design by me, inspired by design traits from Star Wars, Model by me and Darksaber
- Planet background captured with Google Earth (Mars, actually)


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