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Principal-class Freighter @ Space Engineers
Another remake of an old XWA Release:
This ship is an armed Freighter of roughly 150m length. Sluggish but sturdy it is used by corporate security forces to haul sizable freight of value and/or to escort freight convoys across unsafe territory. As such, it carries a number of defensive gatling turrets but no offensive weaponry. The crew quarters offer cryo tubes for up to 15 crew.

[b]Build Details[/b]
Length: 150m
Blocks: 6486
Grid Mass: 4,171,866 kg

The ship is fully connected and capable of atmospheric flight, even on high gravity worlds. It generally uses a combination of hydrogen, ion and atmospheric thrusters, and features a set of landing gears on pistons, which would (theoretically) allow it to level out on uneven terrain. I've also made it as lightweight as possible to limit the fuel consumption during Thruster burn upon leaving planets.

[b]Origin & development[/b]
This build is a 1:1 scale recreation of the Liberator-class Corvette I've released years ago for XWA as part of the Blue Phantom Project, with a few minor alterations. As such I have addedd a blastdoor and boarding ramp to the hangar bay so it can not only hold a small fighter but also some kind of land vehicle. I slightly reduced the number of weapons for connectivity and balance purposes. Also, the freight space, while considerable, is not as massive as it 'could' be since the engineering section does require a bit of space. I've decided to change the name as it no longer reflects the ship's background and purpose.

You can download it via my steam workshop:…
Stalwart-class Destroyer @ Space Engineers
Yay me! 50 years later and I finally pump out another Space Engineers Build!
Here goes, the Stalwart-class Destryoer:…

[b]Background Info[/b]
The Stalwart is one of the oldest starship classes within the Cophuranee navy. Distinctively reminiscent of warships from times before the great Exodus it set the foundation for the Cophuranee starfleet. Dispite its age the Stalwart has yet to lose its edge and stays true to its name.

A destroyer by category it is actually more of a small cruiser that can well hold its ground, thanks to a large number of anti fighter and point defense cannons lining its upper decks and holding off enemies while the ship's heavy turrets make short work of enemy capital ships.

[b]Design notes[/b]
This build is a 1:1 scale recreation of a 3D model, which I made a few years ago, with a few changes and modifications. First, I have implemented 80% of the original's weapons and already this one is a beast that not only packs a serious punch but can also take quite a few hits. Next, I've added a two thruster packs to both sides of the ship's main engine section, a requirement as otherwise the ship would be quite sluggish. Finally, I've also widened the bridge module to allow for some reasonable space within without sacrificing too much protection.

I wanted the ship to look reminiscent of 20th Century battleships, hence the mostly sleek hull with more detailed superstructure ontop, even featuring various catwalks for spacewalking safely without falling down ^^.

The ship is atmosphere capable even on high gravity worlds, although not designed to actually touch down. It used to have landing gear in an earlier stage however the actual way in and out through that bit of superstructure kinda felt off to me. So no landing. Still, it's great used to bomb targets below =)

Length: 319m
Weight: 14,370,727 kg
Blocks: 17,901
Thrusters: Hydrogen + Ion

9  2x300mm Auto Cannons
8  40mm Bofors Turrets
14 M61 Vulcan Turrets
6  Interior Turrets

+ Fully connected and pressurized Interior
+ Extensive Production Plant
+ Sealable Battle Bridge with periscope control
+ Creepy Crawlspaces
+ Intrusion Detection System on all airlocks
+ Lockdown and Depressuration mechanics for Hangar, Cargo Bay and Reactor Core
+ 3 Lighting Setups: Lights on, backup lights, Red Alert
+ Self Destruct sequence (see below)



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Hey all, sorry for holding out on new submissions for so long. Live has gotten busy lately and so have I, managing the split between job, music, designing, playing various MMO's, reworking several of my websites and making ships for Space Engineers. That being said, I have a load of goodies in the pipeline, which I hope to kick out over the coming weeks. Thank you all for sticking with me, I'll keep you posted!
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